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  1. Zhysick

    Formula One thread

    Checo effed it up, yep. I am very happy for Alonso, of course. Without Checo there is one chance more for him to win the 33 but I am pretty sure the qualy was a lot more intense and fun than the race is going to be today. Monaco. That's it.
  2. Zhysick

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    For me is the other way around... The inlays are kinda cool but the shape... Hideous. I like the buzzsaw finish natural/black, the only problem is the shape. Really terrible.
  3. Zhysick

    Serious question - is this a joke?

    Well, they went pretty quick into LULU level in their career... I will listen to the album when released vecause I have liked their previous albums like The Stage but this seems a bit too much maybe. Whatever, we'll see
  4. Zhysick

    Bought my first ESP E-ii and returned it after 3 days

    I feel obliged to comment than back in the Standard days many M series (LTD and standard) were using the extra thin flat profile also, which is wider (43mm) and thinner and flatter like Ibanez Wizard necks.
  5. Zhysick

    Replacing pickups in a Les Paul. Dimarzio Norton or something else?

    Haven't you checked AliExpress? I am pretty sure I have seen curved and flat ones.
  6. Zhysick

    Guitar downgrade for Evertune??

    I had a Solar A1.6 with Evertune. Quality was on pair with an LTD 1000 series. Neck felt similar too but a bit wider, maybe is closer to a Wizard III than to the LTD Thin U neck but you get the idea. Solar guitars are quite nice workhorses but yeah, compared to your Ibanez of course is a step...
  7. Zhysick

    NGD Just buy a used Pr...Agile!

    I still miss my Pendulum 82527... I won't play it anymore since I don't play 8 strings nowadays and I don't want to bother with strings and all that BUT I still miss it... It was soooo nice... Enjoy man, that's a beauty.
  8. Zhysick

    Spun Pick-ups

    Thanks! I knew active pickups had nothing to do with the cancelling (difference over passive pups) but I thought for proper cancelling effect the coils had to be reading different spots of the string but then I realised that is totally the opposite, the more different it is the more frequencies...
  9. Zhysick

    Spun Pick-ups

    Mind to elaborate? Maybe my physics are wrong...
  10. Zhysick

    Spun Pick-ups

    All the years developing a hum cancelling pickup to now rotate them 90° and avoid the hum cancelling effect 😃
  11. Zhysick

    What is your "white whale" guitar?

    Hamer GT (Glenn Tipton).
  12. Zhysick

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    It really sucks to be en Europe for Schecter, heh? Perfectly spec'ed guitars but too far expensive for what they are.
  13. Zhysick

    DiMarzio Mirage pickups (New Jake Bowen sigs)

    Only if this was a SS cover but nickel? No way...
  14. Zhysick

    Formula One thread

    Según las declaraciones de Sainz sabe que no está al nivel del RB de Checo así que si pelea con alguien será solo con Alonso. Eso me vale, es decir, ¿Checo ganar otra carrera y Max "con suerte" llegar al podio? lo firmaría ya mismito. Cualquier cosa que de puntos extra a Checo sobre Max me...
  15. Zhysick

    Formula One thread

    Hoy hablamos español, mañana veremos qué pasa... 🤣🤣
  16. Zhysick

    Kahler 2300 for Warmoth Baritone?

    I'm unsure because I cannot find the drawings for the saddles and I have no personal experience with the bridge but considering that they sell separately extra wide saddles and string hooks I guess they might not work for something as big as a 90 but that also mean that you can buy separately an...
  17. Zhysick

    ESP 2023

    400 series are as expensive as 1000 series were before and I don't see anything better or more soecs than before. Same EMG, normal nickel frets... For 950€ you can buy an EC-401 in black or white. That was the price of the vintage black EC-1000 before they started using SS frets on the 1000...
  18. Zhysick

    I made an active pickup, criticism, thoughts?

    13'4K resistance? You are not taking advantage of the active preamp then. You are using a "normal" passive pickup and using an active preamp on it... Why now making a LowZ pickup and use the preamp to rise the output to a usable level? You know, like most famous active pickups (EMG, Duncan...
  19. Zhysick

    ESP 2023

    Yes, pretty much. I have played a few of this and the neck profile is the same LTD uses so... Yeah, pretty much. Also thise Roswell LAF humbuckers sound better than the ESP LH-150 stock humbuckers... Clearer, better bass response.. yeah, lower output but bettter low output and clear that high...
  20. Zhysick

    Pickup ring mount for previously direct mount pickup

    The solution has been given already BUT I still don't get why people make tab's holws bigger for direct mount instead of just use smaller screws and don't tell me there are no smaller screws because I have done it 🤣