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    Serious question - is this a joke?

    I love A7X. They're amazing songwriters, musicians and performers. But yeah, the last two songs I've heard are really not very good. "Nobody" was just that simple droning riff. And this has gone too far the other way - just random stuff stuck together, and it's just not very tuneful, musical or...
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    Brandon Ellis (Black Dahlia Murder) guitar collection

    It's funny because he is an absolutely incredible player, and I love his music... but this guitar collection does absolutely nothing for me. The crackle finishes are ugly. His choice of pickups sucks. The other random guitars in weird colours and finishes... gross. If I was ever as skilled as...
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    What’s your favorite guitar body shape?

    ESP Horizon III Ergonomic. Balances well. Looks cool.
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    Evertune Bass Bridge

    It looks great, IMO. Maybe people here are better than me, or have better equipment, but I definitely find that the lowest notes can have a lot of wobble in pitch which is problematic when recording.
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    Bought my first ESP E-ii and returned it after 3 days

    All I know is that "Thin U" basically means nothing. I have 4 guitars with that neck in the spec sheet, and they're all different. You basically need to try THAT guitar. That said, I've never played an ESP neck which I'd actually describe as "thin". They all have a certain feel to them, which...
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    New Nita Strauss

    Interesting. I haven't really seen Courtney play anything good. I've seen her doing a demo of her Caparison signature, and she was really bad
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    Andy James no longer with Kiesel???

    I just think it's funny that he keeps taking massive stepdowns ESP is one os the sexiest companies with the best roster of guitarists Then he goes down to Kiesel, which so much more amateur and with a bad reputation Then down to BC Rich... yikes
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    What is The Lexus of Guitars?

    When I think "Lexus" I think of a reasonably luxurious car which is also sensible, reliable and not stupidly expensive. For that in guitar terms, I would say the ESP E-II line. Made in Japan by proper luthiers, but in a production line fashion. The quality is excellent. Consistency is very good...
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    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    Yeah, I'm really enjoying this one. The high note Spencer hits in Wax Wings is extraordinary. I was on the bus when I heard it, and I think my jaw actually dropped.
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    Strings only lasting a couple days at most

    Elixir are just better, IMO. They sound amazing. They're super smooth. And they last a really long time. Ernie Ball are the absolute worst IMO. I almost think the reason they have so many famous endorsers is because those guys are constantly having new strings. Kirk Hammett isn't using two...
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    Fortin Meshuggah amps

    It really does just sound like the plugin. That clanky sound is exactly right. (And not to my taste at all) Lots of people have lots of money. Households, on average, accumulated a lot of money during the pandemic, and people are actually spending more on hobbies. (That's part of why gear...
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    Megadeth onstage with Marty Friedman again?

    They're different, but as I said, Dave can do both. He can create awesome riffs, but he also plays them in a GOOD way. Accurate, but not just like a machine. The rhythm can push and pull when it makes sense, there are accents/emphasis where it needs to be to create the groove etc etc. Like I...
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    Megadeth onstage with Marty Friedman again?

    I simply cannot understand this comment. Neoclassical guitar wankery? Where?! There's like 2 bars of "neoclassical" in Holy Wars. I can't think of anything else that suits this description. United Abominations and Endgame are great! Dystopia is fantastic. Latest album is great too. You should...
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    Vai, Petrucci talk about financial issues of touring.

    I wonder whether this is a reason why some bands seem to be doing their own, like Knotfest? I can see how touring expenses (fuel, food etc) are higher. But what explains venues asking for a big cut of merchandise, or taking most of the ticket price? I think it used to be the case that venues...
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    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    Funny, because one of my first experiences at a metal concert was seeing Slayer at some festival in the UK maybe 25 years ago. I was a young teen, really short, skinny (not hit a proper growth spurt yet) and it was the first time me and a friend were able to go to things by ourselves. We saw...
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    good ole pickups don't do it for me in a new guitar - is it really the wood? or, what else can be done

    Yeah man, guitars sound different. End of that day, you can't stick a single coil in a Les Paul and make it sound like a Strat. There are tons of variables. Some big ones including the distance from bridge string saddle to the bridge pickup. Some guitars have a smaller distance (brighter...
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    Seymour Duncan Mark Holcomb Scarlet/Scourge set

    Fishman seems pretty much dead IMO There was that surge of endorsements a few years ago, but almost nothing since. No new models for ages. No news. Their thread on this board is pretty much dead too. And I think people are kinda "over" that hyped-up sound and they're onto the next thing already.
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    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    Not exactly. It says the savings RATE has dropped. The actual cash on hand is still high for the top 50% of households. It says: Basically, the reason for high concert ticket prices is right here: A lot of people saved a lot of money during the pandemic. Now they're spending. The rest of the...
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    New Shockingly Good In Flames Song

    I think that's because he literally can't sing any more. Live these are going to be a clusterfuck IMO. There's a lot of clean/scream transitions in that song, and they're really quick, or sometimes overlapping. No way Anders can pull that off any more.
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    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    Then prepare to be surprised: "Over the pandemic, historic levels of government transfers boosted household income while household spending was severely curtailed by social...