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  1. Jon Pearson

    Vola Guitars - What do you know?

    About time!
  2. Jon Pearson

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    I am really GASing for a proper amp/fx/cab switcher. Looking at what's available, it seems like KHE ACS 4x4 FX is the best option, but man I have a hard time spending so much on a utility purchase 😂
  3. Jon Pearson

    Any current extreme metal bands using older Marshalls (plexi / jmp / jcm)?

    I never thought of the older Marshalls as lacking headroom - from my (limited) experience with them, you had to really crank them up loud to get them to start doing the "thing"
  4. Jon Pearson

    Tube amps are dying luxury.... Do you agree?

    Given the recent increases in price across the board, I think it's fair to say many people have probably been priced out. Hopefully things equalize a bit eventually, but I don't think wages are going to increase in-step with the huge increases over the last few years on guitar gear.
  5. Jon Pearson

    Heavy AF Solid State Love

    No clips, but I'm currently on the hunt for a good Crate GX example. Suggestions welcome, I know the 130C is good shit, I remember liking the 900, other thoughts?
  6. Jon Pearson

    Tube amps are dying luxury.... Do you agree?

    This posits that releasing music is the future of guitar. We are talking about tube amps becoming a niche market, but I'd argue it's more likely guitar itself becomes a thing of antiquity. I don't want that to be the case, and I'm just talking shit while sitting at the bar, but this is a fear...
  7. Jon Pearson

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    Hard disagree my guy, at least on the VIIs. I think it takes a TC style boost fantastically
  8. Jon Pearson

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    Yes, I am. But also I like dumb ignorant tones.
  9. Jon Pearson

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    Man, I haven't had much chance to play my VII lately but this thread reminded how good it is. One thing I like about it is how well it holds together compared to older Marks when I boost the piss out of it. My Mark III just can't hold it together as well, starts getting sloppy, whereas...
  10. Jon Pearson

    Tell me the driest (least saturated), most open/raw (least compressed), tightest (least bass) amps.

    Folks have mentioned some of the Fortin Randalls, but honestly most of the Randalls from previous eras were dry as well. The V2 is a really dry, Fryette-ish sound to my ear. I haven't played the original T2 but the short head T2 was the same. Even with the gain dimed, it's hard to get those...
  11. Jon Pearson

    Madison Divinity II Help

    May be difficult to find a replacement board, do you have a detailed explanation of what is specifically wrong with the board? If it has gone conductive that may be nail in the coffin unless you wanted to find someone to attempt to rebuild that section on a turret board (this would probably be...
  12. Jon Pearson

    Random Pics of Your Rig

    Bingo! Randall V2. One of my all time favorites, such a unique sounding and feeling amp.
  13. Jon Pearson

    Random Pics of Your Rig

    Spend some time and money trying to organize the music space recently, feeling a lot more tidy these days.
  14. Jon Pearson

    Thoughts on ENKI vs. Gator for a guitar vault

    The other guitar in my band had the Enki. It was cool, but honestly it was just so damn big. Frankly I'd rather much have two hardcases, and like a small foldable handtruck, but ymmv.
  15. Jon Pearson

    All-Pedal Devil's Triad or Fortin 33

    Can confirm the GUPTech is killer. I used to have a Dirty Tree and a Fortin Grind - all of them worked, but the Fortin was too limited, the Dirty Tree is solid but slightly more expensive, and the GUPTech has more options and cops the sounds you want for a very reasonable price.
  16. Jon Pearson

    "Amp in the room" tone doesn't matter. Or does it?

    I'm actually on team "room sound" but I do tend to check out the sound coming out of the mains to make sure stuff is coming together nicely. Usually I talk with the sound guy about any tweaks I'm thinking about making to see if he can get it from the board, but sometimes I have actually tweaked...
  17. Jon Pearson

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    Kyle gets it, he understands what we want. Seems like this video demonstrates the weirdness of the VII mode though, I've managed to get some sounds I'm into, but it is very strange compared to the others.
  18. Jon Pearson

    NGD - Ibanez RG7620

    Dude that's fantastic condition, I wish I could find one anywhere close to that good.
  19. Jon Pearson

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    I'm the guy they send to tech hell. I've got a rack full of Mesa channel switchers and a board full of SMD-based pedals.
  20. Jon Pearson

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    If Mesa would just put a pull switch on every single knob we wouldn't have to deal with these sacrifices.