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  1. Harry

    Paramore live

    Welp, I completely blanked on them having a new album and reading that big post above from Emperor Guillotine I had entirely forgotten Hayley had even made solo albums. I think I listened to the first solo album once and thought "Ohh, that was okay", guess it just never made any impression. I...
  2. Harry

    Jeff Beck passes away at 78

    Rusty Cooley in one of this Guitar Autopsy podcast episodes (I wanna say it was the one with George Lynch as guest but can't remember exactly) was absolutely gushing about Jeff's rendition of Nadia after he learned it was a cover of a vocal song and just how ridiculously accurate Jeff's playing...
  3. Harry

    Seven string into my EVH, what boost y'all recommend

    I'm not a pedal guy at all, but having used a mate's Precision Drive a few times it really is the real deal and does what it says on the box with no bullshit. The artist association does not play into my opinion about it at all, I don't care if it was hand crafted by Tony Iommi, Jesus and Satan...
  4. Harry

    Corey Beaulieu getting signature Seymour Duncan Blackouts

    Agreed with those saying the OG/Phase 1 Blackouts just aren't that great. If I could turn back time, I wouldn't have gotten them for my RG7421 but I didn't want to have the body routed for EMG 707s, although I did need the pickup cavities deepened to accommodate the BOs anyway 😒 They were still...
  5. Harry

    High output passive HBs?

    Never tried one IRL admittedly, but similar to what was said above the regular seems to just sound better in every single comparison I've heard. The X model also has more output, which is totally unnecessary unless you're trying to drive the front end of a JCM 800 2203 or something like that...
  6. Harry

    Killswitch working on “live sounding” new album

    DtD was a fantastic 'comeback' album. They threw in some more guitar solos and a few other musical elements not usually found in their music and it was a massive upgrade from the total stinker of the previous album (which had 2 decent songs at most IMO). From memory, even Adam D is quoted as...
  7. Harry

    Acoustic 7’s 2022

    ESP electrics, for the most part, aren't even proper jumbo frets, so you're not going to get that on an acoustic either :lol: The "XJ" designation is essentially meaningless. The ones I've owned and played seem to top out at .051" high, whereas a genuine jumbo height fret is AT LEAST .055"...
  8. Harry

    Quitting music

    Picking one of those up ain't nuttin' but a peanut : LIGHTWEIGHT BABY!
  9. Harry

    New John Sykes song released - Dawning of a Brand New Day

    Watching the music video now and geez I forgot how awful it is :lol: The bad video is however mostly redeemed by Sykes' absolute fuck-off huge vibrato in the guitar solo.
  10. Harry

    Kirk Hammett Appreciation Thread

    I don't think it's case of 'hate' for the most part. For me it's a case of being frustrated and saddened that he just never really got better over the years (post AJFA or Black Album) and never really tried to push himself. No reason why he couldn't have butter smooth bends and vibrato by now...
  11. Harry

    NGD (Belated): Jackson USA Custom Shop Content

    I can hear the fast lead playing with wild string bends and wide as hell vibrato just by looking at it. That looks INCREDIBLE, holy shiiit. USA Jackson Soloists really are still one of the most badass looking guitars ever designed.
  12. Harry

    NGD: Ibanez RG7421 '00 model

    Getting harder and harder to find these in such good shape as the one you picked up, you got lucky! I don't mind the Grey Pewter, gives the guitar a very utilitarian vibe. I have the Cherry Fudge finish RG7421 and truthfully I never came to love that finish, would have preferred the Grey or...
  13. Harry

    Peavey 6534+ Testing for metal!

    That sounded great Hayden! The ONLY time I've really needed to max out the pre-gain knob on a 6505+ red channel was when I played a YJM Strat with the Dimarzio HS-3 pickups through it (super low output pickup, for those unaware). More gain than that in an amp only exists for pure bragging...
  14. Harry

    NGD RG7620M-BOL

    Feel like it's been a while since I've seen one of these around here, great score indeed!
  15. Harry

    NGD: Wrong Handed Beater

    If you're used to genuine jumbo height frets, it's not hard to get used too. All the stuff people say about "Bending chords out of tune" is wildly exaggerated. Basically, if you don't have god awful shitty gorilla grip, you're good. What's super cool about scalloping is not just having the...
  16. Harry

    "This totally sounds like..."

    Probably long gone now, but there used to be a video that A/B'd all these 4 songs (skip to 4:27 in the Textures track) Famously known as the Bleed rhythm, although the IllWill track is from 1998. And let's be honest, it's pretty much a variation of an '80s thrash motif on steroids
  17. Harry

    Joe Satriani - Elephants On Mars

    Those chops at 65 years of age are damn fine. Holdsworth was still shredding right to the end at 70 and by all accounts lived a far less healthy lifestyle than I imagine Joe has lived over the years, so I hope for Joe's sake it'll be some years before his fingers and hands finally betray him...
  18. Harry

    NGD! First Seven in 10 years!

    Great score for the first time in a decade! I always thought that model was cool in its simplicity and lack of flashiness. If there's one thing I wish was around when I first put Blackouts in my MIJ RG7421, it's the MT version. The original BO isn't bad, but over time I got sick of how...
  19. Harry

    PSA...Rocktron Valvesonic Plexi and Blackface blowout $275

    Not the case for Digitech. A Digi/DoD rep on TheGearPage board announced back in 2018 that the entire team would be getting dismissed permanently. No ambiguity, no beating around the bush, they were done and that was that. Said rep has been doing this venture since...
  20. Harry

    A decade in the making: behold the KxK!

    Whoa, unless I've just not been paying attention, I swear it's been a good while since I've seen a proper KxK guitar post. Cool to see they're still around. Always thought they were cool guitars in my early days and yours is no exception. Love the inlays and the red top. What are the...