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  1. ZeroSignal

    Ibby premiums discontinued in the US?

    Does anyone know what the price drop has been on Prestige guitars? I've been out of the loop for quite a while now. Damn shame about Premiums being discontinued; They were beautiful instruments and I loved the unusual finishes and figured tops they used.
  2. ZeroSignal

    Lundgren M7 Set (Bridge & Neck) Europe

    That's cool, man. I hear it's a lovely place. It also has the highest Mikael Åkerfeldt content per capita of any country in Europe. :D I'll take them with the registered for €260. Shall we take it to PM?
  3. ZeroSignal

    Lundgren M7 Set (Bridge & Neck) Europe

    Hey, that's cool, man! Whereabouts are you from? :D If you could check registered that would be great. Just to be on the safe side, you know?
  4. ZeroSignal

    Lundgren M7 Set (Bridge & Neck) Europe

    Hi, I'm interested in these. What would shipping be to Ireland?
  5. ZeroSignal

    Canadian Producers & Sound Engineers - I Need Your Advice & Opinion

    I'm seriously considering emigrating from Ireland and Canada is currently top of the list for a variety of reasons. However, I know very little about how well the sound engineering and audio production business over there is doing and that is the type of work I'm trying to get into. What are...
  6. ZeroSignal

    Ibanez Dino Cazares Limited Edition Signature 7 string

    That gunmetal grey RG is one of my dream guitars. They could just release that and I'd be all over it. Personally, I'd prefer a blank board and a non-soapbar pickup though.
  7. ZeroSignal

    "That sounds huge"

    Hey, dude. It's super late here so apologies if I ramble a bit. It just means that something sounds massive, spacious, broad, heavy... HUGE. Just takes up a lot of space in the audible spectrum. Often used in reference to a guitar tone that is bass heavy - While this may be true, a lot of people...
  8. ZeroSignal

    Line 6 POD HD Thread

    I've been following that but it's not really helping. The most helpful thing in that is his advice on turning up the Bias-X control. For whatever reason, that seems to reduce the clipping. Incidentally, I do find the pad switch to be more of a suck switch, but I tend to have it on. It doesn't...
  9. ZeroSignal

    Line 6 POD HD Thread

    Quoting because this got buried on the previous page of the thread. Anyone?
  10. ZeroSignal

    Line 6 POD HD Thread

    How do you guys deal with clipping? I get loads of digital clipping with my POD HD500. The inputs are set to the recommended guitar/variax setting, and there's no discernible input clipping (empty patch with instrument playing through it), so it must be coming from somewhere in my various...
  11. ZeroSignal

    Ibanez Madness

    Speed isn't really an issue for me so much as the guitar arriving safely. How much is the option that provides a tracking number?
  12. ZeroSignal

    Ibanez Madness

    How does the RG8 play? Are there any issues with the neck/fretboard or frets poking out/etc? Does it hold its tuning well after bends and other normal use? There are no defects with the guitar in any way and the paint job is in excellent condition with no scratches or chips? Can you post/send me...
  13. ZeroSignal

    Poll for 7-string players

    1 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
  14. ZeroSignal

    Deron Miller's (CKY/World Under Blood) New Album "Galactic Prey"

    Sounds good, dude. I always loved Miller's style of riff writing. Wasn't terribly keen on World Under Blood but I look forward to hearing this album.
  15. ZeroSignal

    Anyone have or considering an Ibanez Arzir27fb

    Well, I played one in the Schecter dealer in Denmark St. in London and that was my assessment of it. It was definitely a Loomis and it definitely had a thick neck. I can't tell you what year it was or anything other than it being a red superstrat Loomis sig. Then isn't it lucky that I said "If...
  16. ZeroSignal

    Ibanez Prestige 2127z w/ Duncans

    EDIT: Never mind. Apologies - Best of luck with the sale.
  17. ZeroSignal

    The Ibanez J. Custom, LACS and Prestige thread

    It makes me happy to know that nearly 7 years on this thread is still chugging away with people posting beautiful guitars. :D
  18. ZeroSignal

    Anyone have or considering an Ibanez Arzir27fb

    I haven't played the Iron Label one but if it's set up anything like the non-Iron Label Artist 7 string that was out before it the neck would be VERY thick (feels like a Loomis) and poor upper fret access. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy then go for it. I got on much better with my PRS...
  19. ZeroSignal

    DiMarzio D-Sonic 7 Test

    Nope, it's a noisy mofo with a fetish for fluorescent lights. I love that pickup and have had it for years in a variety of different guitars (RG1527->RG8427FE->PRS SE Custom 24-7). One thing I will say is that it sounds much better in mahogany than basswood and seems to love the PRS' 25" scale...
  20. ZeroSignal

    I am told my tone sucks

    This is simultaneously good advice and awful advice. Compromise is part-and-parcel of being in a band. However, your tone is YOUR tone. Don't be passive about it. Make friends with producers and live engineers in your genre and ask them what they think of your tone. They train their ears...

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