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  1. jbcrazy

    Kiesel --- Never Again!

    I don't think people get this. It doesn't matter if the guitar had a roasted maple board or not. A repeat customer who bought a bunch of your guitars isn't happy with the product. You sack up and treat that customer like they're always right. Apparently this dude has 30 carvin/kiesel...
  2. jbcrazy

    Abasi Concepts/Larada Megathread

    Being at NAMM, Tosin's booth was rocking. Maybe it was because the man himself was there, or that ridiculous sounding rig he has going on... but yeah the guitars seemed pretty well received while I was peaking around. I really... really dug the telecaster one he had at the show which Frank was...
  3. jbcrazy

    Blackmachine FF8 teardown post?

    A Daemachine? That would've been awesome. An epic tale about the BM experience you have Locran. I did own a BM awhile back. It was a really cool guitar. I flipped that for quite a profit and I was hoping one day Doug would open it up a bit, so we can have a more 'sanely' priced BM with...
  4. jbcrazy

    NGD: A Crackmachine Guitar

  5. jbcrazy

    NGD - PRS content

    Sexy guitar man!!
  6. jbcrazy

    Dustie Waring PRS CE Sig

    yeah laaame...
  7. jbcrazy

    Dustie Waring PRS CE Sig

    I was wondering if they're using the shallower top carve. For some reason, the pictures make it hard to tell. I love the real carves on a core PRS. The non recessed covers look kinda tacky too. But damn the guitar itself looks great overall, the maple board, satin finish, black hardware. I...
  8. jbcrazy

    FS Fractal Audio Axe-FX II Mark I

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Its an early Fractal Audio Axe-FX II... from the ancient times long ago haha... You guys know what it is. Has scuffs from gigging and what not but works amazing and sounds great still. Waiting on the new one later in the year, so going to sell this...
  9. jbcrazy

    (NGD) Fakemachine B7

    That's fine but do you really think the above guitar is an actual Blackmachine? It kind of looks like a blackmachine... but its not. Its not advertised as the real deal nor on close inspection would anyone think it's a Blackmachine. (Most people probably don't even know what a Blackmachine...
  10. jbcrazy

    Skervesen - anything to improve or not-so-perfect about their guitars?

    I just sold my Skervesen. Nothing wrong with it though. I thought it sounded nice. Had no issues. Looked amazing. Heard they've had issues but the one I had was flawless.
  11. jbcrazy

    (NGD) Fakemachine B7

    Where the hell can you buy a non B6 blackmachine for 5k? More like 8-10k plus. I don't think Fender strat/Les Paul copies is a fair comparison. Even if you had the money, a Blackmachine is hard to come by... one that is sanely price is impossible. I owned a B2 for a bit. Nice guitar...
  12. jbcrazy

    FS Skervesen Raptor 6 Figured Walnut

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: In top notch shape, excellent condition. Here's my Skervesen Raptor 6 string. It has a figured walnut top, mahogany back, really spiffy binding, a figured ebony fretboard, luminlay side-dots, walnut headstock veneer, and maple neck with stripes...
  13. jbcrazy

    PRS Lovefest

    I had both... really hard to say it made much difference sound wise to be honest. Maybe it did but both trems sounded good to me with the guitars as a whole. I think the gen 3 looks cool though.
  14. jbcrazy

    FS PRS Artist Package Customs, 22 and 24 Satin!

    PRICE DROP TO 2775.00 on the Jade PRS!

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