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  1. olejason

    Helix 3.5 just dropped

    The muffs will get the very general vibe of the Swollen Pickle but nothing really nails that tone IMO, especially in terms of how it reacts to palm muting or boosting a dirty amp. It's on my to-do list to set up the Stomp and Pickle side by side and give it another shot though.
  2. olejason

    Electro-Harmonix Hell Melter HM2

    That guy is so embarrassing
  3. olejason

    Electro-Harmonix Hell Melter HM2

    This does seem like more of a poor man's Guardian Wurm than anything else w/ the expanded EQ, gate, and blend.
  4. olejason

    Electro-Harmonix Hell Melter HM2

  5. olejason

    Evertune Bass Bridge

    I guess I can only speak for myself but none of those things have even remotely been an issue for me on any bass I've owned. Basses, in general, don't really have the same types of tuning issues that you sometimes get on guitar... for many reasons. The pitch warble (which a lot of people...
  6. olejason

    Evertune Bass Bridge

    Seems like a solution for a problem that doesn't really exist in the bass world.
  7. olejason

    ESP 2023

    It's so far removed from actual figuring I'm not sure they were trying to do the fake figuring thing with that finish
  8. olejason

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    The way the angle of the flame compliments the body is pretty badass on that guitar. I love that color.
  9. olejason

    Boss HM2/Clone Chainsaw Megathread

    The HM-2 in the Katana stuff isn't too bad, I wonder if it's the same
  10. olejason

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    The Super Shredder series is the ubiquitous "hidden gem" in Schecter's lineup for metal. Particularly the exotic models with full wenge necks. I'd put them on par with anything from Jackson or LTD for thrash or death metal type stuff. I'd love to see a 7 string version of the shredder exotic.
  11. olejason

    not satisifed with the stock pickups in my kiesel ct6/california carved top, looking to replace them (need suggestions)

    Will the EMG fit without modification? I've been told they won't fit in my Osiris
  12. olejason

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    ELI5 can I fit EMG's in a Kiesel Osiris that wasn't routed for a battery box?
  13. olejason

    Post Your GAS

  14. olejason

    Difficulty playing A add9 chord on 25.5-27" multiscale guitar

    You lose the tension between the 9th and 10th if you play it that way. Totally fine if you want a more relaxed voicing but, generally, playing the 9th and 10th on adjacent strings is the entire point of the voicing in OP. The minor version has even more tension since you end up with a minor...
  15. olejason

    Difficulty playing A add9 chord on 25.5-27" multiscale guitar

    The major second interval is the entire point of that voicing. It doesn't sound bad at all IMO. As others have said it's really all about technique more than anything. Can you post a pic of how you're holding the guitar?
  16. olejason

    Whammy DT short circuited?

    There's a small chance you just burnt up the protection diode, which would be fixable. Regardless, it's impossible to say without seeing inside. There isn't anything on the market unequivocally better than the final generation of the DigiTech pitch shifting algorithm. The same algo, or...
  17. olejason

    ESP 2023

    I'm surprised they'll be announcing new stuff for this year. Curious to see if the M style bass makes it to market this year.
  18. olejason

    Will this neck split get worse?

    Probably fine to just leave it unless you notice things starting to move. It's an easy fix either way. I wouldn't worry about it.
  19. olejason

    GC Crazy Mayones Deal

    Pretty solid deal, here's a direct link (my adblocker didn't like the one in the OP)
  20. olejason

    Do/would you baby a "relic'd" guitar?

    I have a Road Worn P bass. It's killer and I've never given much of a shit if it picks up more dings or whatever.

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