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    NGD: 2006 Gibson Les Paul Classic Goldtop

    Beautiful guitar. If it has a 6 digit serial, the first two digits should be the year. Look for "classic" in this:
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    The Les Paul thread

    In 2015, the usual bursts on standards were rim bursts, which means a thinner burst, basically: Most Gibson fans seem to dislike them, but I think they can look well.
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    Speculation is getting out of hand...

    I don't know if they made any, but you could get an oiginal floyd on a semi-custom 7 string Stars as an option, though it was expensive. I have a quote for one on a Kelly from 2007, which I didn't follow through on. For posterity, here's the quote: Base guitar KE7-J2B...
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    Ugliest guitar finishes

    It' It's a George St. Pierre tie dye: That's number 70 in the series. There are worse, believe it or not.
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    The Les Paul thread

    They don't have a deluxe at the moment, but for current neck dimensions I normally look at Wildwood as they make measurements for every guitar. E.g.
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    Mooer Headless Guitars

    They also have strats with the same tech in two trim levels (with flame maple necks and SS frets or not) with lots of good colours:
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    Jackson American Series

    Not saying they're high QC guitars or anything, but HBs get their SS fret wire from a company that appears to also service a lot of big brands:
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    So...I needs me a proper dad guitar

    The MIM Player Plus Strats have a 12" fretboard, same as the Godin, if that's flat enough for you.
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    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Looks quite like a Gibson Les Paul CM from 2015 and 2016, which were blown out for around 500$ at one stage.
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    Favorite odd shape guitar

    Always loved the carved top version of the Jackson Death Angel: Didn't realise that 2011 one was for sale in 2016 or I'd probably have felt obliged to buy it.
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    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Perhaps best to only avail of Jonhnny's guitar knowledge rather than sense of style. I had assumed that it was a SH-5 (i.e. a Duncan Custom):
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    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    You've probably already seen this, but in case not:
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    Props To Harley Benton for this one

    I think it's just the brand-name of the manufacturer: They claim their fret wire is used by a lot of well-known brands: and their strings are not...
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    Question about rough(ish) frets on FGN J-Standard Iliad

    If you don't want to mask everything yourself, 23 Euro worth of Dunlop DGT05 is a worthwhile investment. E.g. Not shown in that picture, but you can get a kit with the collars and micromesh: It comes...
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    Jackson neck comparison: Dinky vs Soloist

    Nice Jacksons. I also have a soloist and a KV2. I find the difference evident, but not significant, if playing them back to back. The KV2 has the speed neck, so .775" at the third fret and .835" at the twelfth. The Soloists have the standard neck, so .790" and .850", respectively. A DK1 has...
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    Jackson neck comparison: Dinky vs Soloist

    A lot of the old catalogues contain neck specs near the back page. DK guitars are usually the thinnest by a good margin, but there's some variability.
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    Aristides Guitars E.g.
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    Gibson SG Supreme Lava burst 2002

    Congrats on the good-looking guitar. If you're not used to nitro finished guitars, also be warned that guitar stands with rubber contact points can cause the lacquer to melt in an ugly way (look up nitro burn).
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    Jackson Stars SL J2E Soloist vs Jackson Japan

    The guitar in the link is almost certainly a Jackson Stars SL-J2E, which was made in Japan by Chushin Gakki in the early or mid 2000s for sale in the domestic market. It's a J2, so has moto inlays rather than mother of pearl (the RR-J2SP being an exception to that rule), striped ebony, etc., and...
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    Anybody tried the Yamaha THR10X?

    I normally just tweak the knobs as that sounds good enough for my needs, but there are settings you can get to through the software that aren't accessible on the panel, such as the cab selection bigsimpin mentioned. You can save the results to a bank. A friend who is a pro. musician swears by...