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  1. ixlramp

    Working on our first model

    I suggest not having the tuners projecting beyond the edge of the body: * Less chance of damage from being knocked. * Less chance of being knocked out of tune. * No chance of contact with thigh when in a no-strap high-angle classical playing position: Contact seems a little uncomfortable...
  2. ixlramp

    7 string Headless Fan Fret assembly/build finished

    That is a beautiful design. I really like the horns. Good to see an actually functional lower horn with enough length and angle to securely hook over the leg. Interesting choice of strap button position on the neck joint. On the horn would result in better guitar balance, but i can think of a...
  3. ixlramp

    Buzz feiten tuning system? Help

    Everything you wrote in your post seems correct to me :)
  4. ixlramp

    Custom 8 String builders for floating trem TT-fret multiscale?

    @ogon perhaps you know this already, just wanted to make sure you understand what TT actually does, it is very commonly misunderstood ... TT intentionally shifts all pitches slightly away from Equal Temperament (and therefore slightly away from almost all other instruments) by up to 4 cents. It...
  5. ixlramp

    Any metal written in all 4ths tuning? (EADGCF)

    Good point, and what i was thinking too. Very many riffs played on guitars in standard tuning are already in "fourths", because the highest strings are not used. Tapping instruments (for example Warr Guitars) that use the very common Chapman Stick type tuning have the 'melody' (high) side in...
  6. ixlramp

    Alternative to Kalium strings?

    I read the further developments in your post at Talkbass that you have not mentioned here yet. Because you opened a dispute with PayPal and have now had your money reimbursed by PayPal, i expect Kalium...
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    Need help finding a bass

    (I have a few years experience of tuning a 35" scale bass guitar to A0 using a gauge .145. With very good tone and intonation.) It is that easy, a common 35" scale 5 or 6 string can be tuned to A0 with no problems, just use a taperwound gauge .145 (or perhaps even a .135 with a light and careful...
  8. ixlramp

    Neck Heavy Guitar - Ever Tried Weights in the Control Cavity?

    This is often recommeded, but for a typical guitar shape this actually has no effect or makes balance worse. I analysed that in post #25 On the back does not necessarily help, it is...
  9. ixlramp

    Now that I've had an Evertune guitar for a while...

    Interesting point. I would therefore expect the necessary nut compensation and saddle intonation offset to be less with Evertune.
  10. ixlramp

    Now that I've had an Evertune guitar for a while...

    The general meaning of 'intonation' is the 'accuracy of the pitch of played notes', this is affected by much more than just the intonation offset of the saddle. So 'intonation' does also refer to pitch drift. Indeed, Evertune has nothing to do with saddle intonation offset, that is assumed to...
  11. ixlramp

    Neck Heavy Guitar - Ever Tried Weights in the Control Cavity?

    That is a clever modification. That works because (considering horizontal positioning of buttons and centre of mass): At an above-horizontal playing angle, the neck button is shifted to the player's left and away from the centre of mass, therefore improving balance to some degree such that...
  12. ixlramp

    System for Just Intonation on guitar with standard frets (improved minor thirds version)

    @waitati i replied in another thread here Although your posts are closely related to my system and not offtopic (it is fine for you to post them here), that thread seems a better place for discussion that might...
  13. ixlramp

    General Microtuning Thread

    Here i am replying to these posts from another thread:
  14. ixlramp

    excercisss to help learn fretboard better

    Yes i think an exorcist will be helpful :)
  15. ixlramp

    FGN Circle fret technology

    :agreed: Looking at the image on the FGN webpage, it describes how a standard 6 string guitar has 3 different scale lengths, while the Circle Fretting System results in all strings with the same scale length. While this is true, they seem to be suggesting that this is a problem that their...
  16. ixlramp

    FGN Circle fret technology

    Quoting "Slightly curved frets are mounted as each string and fret intersect at right angles to minimize the contact surface." Theoretically the contact surface is a point, but realistically i guess frets wear to create a narrow flat crest that...
  17. ixlramp

    FGN Circle fret technology

    Not much :) What i meant to express is: The only *potential* issue i can think of caused by a non-perpendicular fret is the effective fret widening, and fret width is only a problem if it becomes extreme. However, if someone has a preference for fret width, they might want to consider the slight...
  18. ixlramp

    Just Intonation on a Normal Guitar by Restringing and Retuning

    @waitati The Just intervals my system intends to approximate are shown in the tables in posts #2 and #3 in the newer thread. These Just intervals are the same for all 'base tunings' (alternating major and minor thirds tuning, all major thirds tuning, all minor thirds tuning, or any other base...
  19. ixlramp

    Just Intonation on a Normal Guitar by Restringing and Retuning

    What you suggested about there being two different systems was not correct. Both forum threads describe the same system. The system can be applied to any Equal Temperament guitar tuning (but some tunings are much more practical than others). This older thread describes the system applied to an...
  20. ixlramp

    Just Intonation on a Normal Guitar by Restringing and Retuning

    Hi. I sent you a private message. Sign in and click the 'envelope' icon ('Conversations') in the top right of the screen to view it.