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  1. Grindspine

    All-Pedal Devil's Triad or Fortin 33

    Absolutely! He is pretty responsive to requests on his "on" weeks. He has another job, so he basically works that job for a week, then comes back to making pedals for a week. In my few banters with him, he's been super responsive and did just come back from a cancer procedure. I got my Dirty...
  2. Grindspine

    Ibanez Lo Pro Edge, Floyd Rose OFR Question

    The Gotoh version is really nice, I have two of them. 1) The tuners on the "fishtail" are tilted back, much like on the Edge. So, although it is not "low profile", I find it more comfortable than a typical OFR or Schaller style Floyd. 2) The saddles have beveled edges. Much like the Edge, the...
  3. Grindspine

    Torn between EMG's or SD Black Winters in my ESP guitars

    I second trying the EMG X series. The X series is pretty much the same wind on the pickups with a more refined preamp; the x preamp is turned down a notch, has more headroom, and better cleans than the original EMGs. I've got an old B.C. Rich Virgin with an EMG 81x, 60x, and SPC boost replacing...
  4. Grindspine

    What's your string gauge?

    It really depends on tuning and scale length. Most of my strings are D'addario NYXL at this point except for Elixers on my Taylor. As far as my electrics, they are as follows: 10-46 E standard 11-50 Eb 12-54 C# 13-59 BEADF#B For my seven stringers I use 10-59 on my RGDs at Bb and A, 11-64 on my...
  5. Grindspine

    I need a bass rig!

    You're in the Indy area. You should check out my Darkglass 900 v2 and Mesa 2x10 some time this spring.
  6. Grindspine

    "Amp in the room" tone doesn't matter. Or does it?

    But, but... but... what if the ROOM mic is really really good? Basically, the room CAN matter if you mix in the sound appropriately. At the same time, a modeled, IR, speaker compensated, etc, guitar sound can be great if mixed properly. The guy in the video is trying to say rooms don't matter...
  7. Grindspine

    NGD - Ibanez RG7620

    Very nice find! Happy NGD!
  8. Grindspine

    "Amp in the room" tone doesn't matter. Or does it?

    My favorite way of recording guitar is either one direct or close-miced cab along with one room mic to widen the sound by capturing the room.
  9. Grindspine

    Suggestion to replace SD Distortion

    I have a Distortion, which has been one of my mainstays for years. Along this thread, some of what people are calling "mids" seem to be varying a lot. The Distortion has a ton of high, mid, and fairly firm low end content. The Dimebucker is great, but has an even higher resonant peak, so can get...
  10. Grindspine

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    I mean, he is doing a demo of the Mark IIC+ modes; that amp is pretty recognized as getting great Metallica through Dream Theater style sounds. The demo gave my ears something to hear to compare the amps. They all sounded like 2C+ versions to me. There was a bit of something lacking from the...
  11. Grindspine

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    My Eventide H969 hasn't exploded yet... My Triaxis is at least 20 years old, with the oldest component being a 1969 Mullard ECC83 in the V4 (lead 2 drive) slot, along with an RCA 5751, and a Telefunken smooth plate. My 2:Ninety is loaded with Sylvania/Philips 7581a tubes from the early...
  12. Grindspine

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    I love it when I can cork sniff guitars and get a hint of blackberry or oak. Nothing beats the scent of a fresh PRS from Maryland. That reminds me.. I need to get my wife to go pick up the wine from her winery membership! Shit.. am I middle-aged with a home project studio? hmm.... I do expect...
  13. Grindspine

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    I was using the 525 at 25 watts for quite a while, dropped it down to 10 watts this weekend and upped the volume and EQ a bit. I was only playing through my EarCandy 2x8 and my Recto 1x12 (Vintage 30) though. With a 4x12, you can definitely move some air with it. Still, drums are loud. No red...
  14. Grindspine

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    I spent a significant chunk of the weekend with my 525, switching through all of the modes and a few guitars. The Crunch and Xtreme are definitely flavors a bit different than what I am used to having out of the Triaxis. Everything in the 525 plays nice with my pedals (Russian Pickle, Micro...
  15. Grindspine

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    I always regarded the Mark IIB as an iteration of the Mark I mode pushed to the edge of clipping. The Mark II brought channel switching to the game, but I didn't think that it was much of a new sound until the IIC+. The Mark III had the separation of crunch and an even more aggressive lead than...
  16. Grindspine

    coffee thread

    I just finished some Starbucks single source Columbian. It was decent, but definitely not as smoothly robust as the Jamaican Blue that I had gotten from Old Crown Coffee Roasters in Indiana. I will need to grind some more of those beans. I know the guy who roasts the...
  17. Grindspine

    What are you listening to?

    Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane Darkest Hour - The Mark of the Judas, Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation, Undoing Ruin
  18. Grindspine

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    I will say that all of this discussion on Mark modes made me revisit my 525's Crunch mode. I had previously left it on Fat as my preferred clean sound as it is similar to the Fat clean (rhythm green) on the Triaxis. The Crunch sounds really open and dynamic, nice and raw with the gain and mids...
  19. Grindspine

    Hanging guitar stands bad for necks?

    It is likely that, no, the stand is not the issue. However, if you stored them in a case with a humidifier, then put them in a stand in low humidity air, that would definitely cause neck tension to change. Get a hygrometer to keep an eye on your humidity. This should show if the problem was...
  20. Grindspine

    NAD! Marshall DSL, I'm in Love!

    My only issue with Marshall is how they spell "equalisation"--It makes me cringe. Other than that, a DSL looks like a win, especially with that pedalboard layout! Happy new amp day!