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  1. redkombat

    C#1 string size. 9 string players get in here!

    ignore my speech to text failures
  2. redkombat

    C#1 string size. 9 string players get in here!

    I use an .85 and just tune it down. Probably the smallest on the lust of suggestions but i find it matches the sound if the other strings better if i pick light. Base compromise ive come up with so far
  3. redkombat

    Best bang for your buck guitar/parts to use for modding?

    I second agile. I have a $200 7 string of theirs thats equal to my buddies mid level Jackson and the o ly real issue is the lfr should be swapped with an ofr. The pickups even sound decent. Ive played tons of the 828s and they were all solid for the $$$ just swap pickups to flavor
  4. redkombat

    How would I get my guitar to play through my computer -> a real cabinet?

    Just know when running computer into a non clear sounding power amp will effect the sound. Also if youre running into a cab i high suggest turning irs off. You can also if youd like play around with having the interface in the middle of the effects loop to use for fx, drives, preamps, ect...
  5. redkombat

    Custom tuning

    Ahh your later replies made it a lot more clear. If it was me id have it set up for drop d then just get customs sets from string joy.
  6. redkombat

    Custom tuning

    I mean thats like the smallest thing id consider on an 8 string tbh
  7. redkombat

    Green ash body

    Does anyone have any pics of ash bodies they've done where the grain is black and the rest is trans green? Im trying to get refrence ideas before i spend and money on expensive stain and get the wrong shade.
  8. redkombat

    Most versatile/comfortable tuning for 8-string?

    I suddenly want to tune a baritone to DAEADA
  9. redkombat

    What would be your dream 30" 7 string?

    20mm-20mm Wenge & roasted maple 7 piece neck with 27 ss frets Swamp ash jazzmaster body with a oak burl top and a translucent green to purple burst finish Black winter bridge pickup, paf neck Damasacus Bottle opener installed on the back of 4x3 headstock Single volume with coil split for...
  10. redkombat

    8 string with "Stef-style" tuning?

    *cracks knuckles in crazy open tuning* i tune to DADGCFF#E having a close interval in the tuning allows me to use it for dissonance or unison chorus effect with different octaves close by if i want to thicken it further
  11. redkombat

    All normal fret guitars are out of tune?

    There are multiscale true temperament guitars that theoretically fix everything but $$$ and the guitars more or less have to be built around a tunning
  12. redkombat

    RG style build

    I hate 1 piece necks and necks with finish but i cant help but gas over that neck it looks so good with that purple and flame
  13. redkombat

    Agile Interceptor 828 sustain issue

    This but also try lowering the pickups a little
  14. redkombat

    Does anyone know who made and owns this fretless 10 string bass?

    Richaed from made it back in like 09 i think. Who knows who has it or whats up with it
  15. redkombat

    NGD Cheap 8

    Great job. I love how the controls recess into the pick guard
  16. redkombat

    How do you manage 8 string tone?

    I multi amp. One amp mid level distortion, boosted mids, hint of reverb and a sonic maximizer infront of it. Going to a open back 1x8 The other amp high distortion, scooped mids, sonic maximizer infront of it going to a semi closed back 2x12
  17. redkombat

    Guerilla guitars, anyone?

    they just kinda don't look that nice to me tbh
  18. redkombat

    Dark Lord of the Sith type build ;)

    and solvents are only used for extraction in both the cased of drugs and explosives from what i know of
  19. redkombat

    Dark Lord of the Sith type build ;)

    to a degree this is true but pure solvents are still easy to get, and as far as anything that has to do with plant matter i can tell you from business experience that pure solvents even dmso are easy to get. acetone in itself is a solvent, the kind from a grocery store is 80% pure and not much...