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  1. jwade

    Plugin Deals

    You can click to 'report' the thread and ask a mod to fix it for you
  2. jwade

    Bill Kelliher unveils new signature Mojotone "Hellbender" pickup

    Oh my bad, I assumed they were the new pickups, couldn't really see the pickups overly well while watching the video on the phone
  3. jwade

    Bill Kelliher unveils new signature Mojotone "Hellbender" pickup

    They sound fairly dry and flat in this video:
  4. jwade

    Wiring diagram: Ibanez RGD 7 string (volume only, 2 humbuckers, 3 way 4PDT 12 pin switch)

    I couldn't find a lot of diagrams out there that have the 12 pin 4PDT type of 3-way toggle switch, so I emailed Ibanez. They sent me this wiring diagram, and I thought I'd share it here in case anyone else needed it.
  5. jwade

    What's up with DiMarzio Fusion Edges in Ibanez Prestiges?

    The Fusion Edge 7s are great for clean-ish stuff, and aren't bad at all for heavier styles. I have them in an rgd3127. I would say the neck pickup is a bit bass-heavy, and the bridge isn't as clear as I'd prefer for doing a lot of fast palm-muted stuff. In comparison, I have dactivators 7s in...
  6. jwade

    Wes Hauch Seymour Duncan Jupiter 7s Now Available in White From THE AXE PALACE

    I'm stoked to try these in a bunch of different guitars. I have the bridge one sitting here, neck version on the way. First install is going to be in an RGD3127
  7. jwade

    Ibanez 2023 Models ! What would you like to see ?

    Europe doesn't usually get as much as North America, there'll probably be a pretty decent amount of stuff revealed soon.
  8. jwade

    Dino Cazares Guitars

    I love the way clear bobbins look. What's this pickup?
  9. jwade

    Ibanez 2023 Models ! What would you like to see ?

    I'm thinking they'll add to the Iron Label line a bit, maybe a Destroyer? Wes Hauch getting an Iceman Sig would be cool but I don't know how realistic that is. It would be cool if Vogg got a sig model, he's got some rad reversed headstock 6/7 Destroyers.
  10. jwade

    Josh Smith (Northlane) confirms new sig guitar in works

    The customs/duties/taxes might push the number closer to L&Ms price, I'd probably look at a US retailer instead.
  11. jwade

    Help with Dimarzio wiring diagram?

    I'm looking at this diagram: and there's one thing I'm unsure about. The neck b/w shows a connection to a further lug but there's also a black mark on the next lug that doesn't appear to connect to anything...
  12. jwade

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    They did, two years ago 🤣
  13. jwade

    Canadian Politics

    $30/hr? I make less than $40k a year, I don't know anyone that makes more than $25/hour other than truckers or construction type jobs.
  14. jwade

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Pretty sure those are 3D printed clip-on decorations.
  15. jwade

    ESP 2023

    Pretty sure the NAMM scheduling changed things up, I think it's in late April now.
  16. jwade

    String Thru Body contact with TOM Bridge

    I used to have that problem on an SG, there was definitely a bit of a high-pitched overtone depending on gauge so I just flipped my saddles around to get a little more clearance.
  17. jwade

    Padalka guitars

    Imagine Simon going to work for Dingwall.
  18. jwade

    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    I actually prefer a bit unbalanced set, for E on my SG I have a 10-50 set, but I'm guessing it's not likely the best setup to compare to a trem. I think I'm going to hold off on buying a fancy new toy in favor of looking for a used guitar to see if trems are for me.