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    Are premium pickups better for low tunings?

    Absolutely. It definitely goes more so on a model to model basis, what each specific model is designed for, rather than a brand to brand basis to determine quality for low tunings. DiMarzio, while not my favorite brand, makes killer pickups, some especially for drop tunings. Mojotone makes...
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    Are premium pickups better for low tunings?

    No. In some cases, premium pickups can sound better, especially when it comes to Duncan Designed vs Seymour Duncan, but I'd still wager even that's highly subjective. You won't get a better sounding pickup just because it's more expensive. And even if 2 pickup makers gave the exact same...
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    Some guitars sound muddy with emgs

    I just dropped in a set of 81-7 and 707 in my 7 string a few days. Using my settings I had for my last set of pickups (DiMarzio Titan and Liquifire), they were muddy as hell. That said, it took about 20 minutes of tweaking my plugins to get it to sound really good. I reduced the gain on my amp...
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    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    Just dropped a set of 81-7 and 707 into my 7 string today, replacing a DiMarzio Titan and Liquifire set. It kind of took me by surprise how closely the Titan and 81 are voiced, but the 81 has more grind and aggression and a bit less clarity, but not by much. Overall really happy with the...
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    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    Have you tried contacting EMG via email or anything to see if they'll sell an individual JH bridge? A few months back I was considering a bridge of the Jim Root set with a single coil and I emailed them and they said that I could purchase a single bridge pickup and another single. I ended up not...
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    Question for players that play with thicker strings

    I used to play with very thick strings and had a ton of pain in my fingers, thumb and wrist all the time, and it wasn't until about 2 years ago I realized lighter strings felt better. I don't play much in E standard, but I like 9s for E#, if just a little loose. I use 11-50s for drop C and I...
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    Corey Beaulieu getting signature Seymour Duncan Blackouts

    I've only tried 7 string blackouts and they were disgusting, and not in a good way. Sounds like this could be an improvement, but also probably chasing exactly what an EMG 81 would do out of the box... Really just seems like EMG doesn't pay as well as others on the endorsement front.
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    Comfortable, versatile mid-tier six-string

    2mm of thickness can make a huge difference in neck thickness, but I happen to prefer thinner neck profiles. I've gotten so used to my S that my Jackson 7 string feels enormous in my hands. I've owned RGs, an RGA and a couple S series, including the S1070PBZ I have right now. In terms of...
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    NGD x 3 - Guitar Porn Inside

    MY GOD that 68 LPC is gorgeous.
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    Fear of plugins?

    Plugins have helped me become a better player, if anything. My living situation constrains me to having either small amps or plugins with headphones and studio monitors. I get sounds that I'm much happier with through my plugin setup vs my Yamaha THR10. I've been using Neural DSP Nolly and...
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    High output passive HBs?

    D Activator is going to fit what you're looking for perfectly. One of DiMarzio's most versatile 6 string pickups for metal. E Standard thrash and hair metal? You got it. Drop C Metalcore? Absolutely! Drop B Industrial? Of course! Drop G Djent? It does. My favorite bridge pickup is the Duncan...
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    Comfortable, versatile mid-tier six-string

    From the issue you described above with the chirp when picking, that sounds like a JB to me, I hate it for that exact reason. I found that using a thicker and rounder pick helped mitigate it slightly but didn't get rid of it. Slightly thicker strings can also help. Even if you get a new guitar...
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    Comfortable, versatile mid-tier six-string

    Would swapping out the JB on your C-1 help at all or are you looking for a new guitar regardless? It's hard to say which guitar is best for you without knowing your preferred specs and taste in pickups and even then, you could prefer something entirely different based on feel. All I can say is...
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    The Fishman Fluence Thread

    You may have better luck with the Tosin Abasi set. I really liked them but ended up selling the 7 string they were in. To me they're a bit less harsh and midrange focused than the Moderns. You could also try swapping the pickups around so the Alnico is in the bridge, that's the only way I really...
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    Les Paul Customs, BKP Warpigs, Lee Malia and TONE

    Okay, so a few questions here. Even without diving too deep, and that clip not being professionally recorded, it doesn't sound too bad to me. On to my questions, first, have you tried other guitars through this rig with the same results? What strings are you using? Are you expecting exactly...
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    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    Anyone here with experience with the Jim Root Daemonum set? Considering that set as I haven't tried it and only have experience with the 81, 85, 60 in bridge and neck positions and the 57/66 set, and I really like all of them, but I've been wanting to try something with a bit more open sound...
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    Passive EMG81/85 Alternatives

    I'll echo everyone else here, if you like EMGs, just go with EMGs. You won't have to change batteries often at all, especially if you have other guitars and don't play this one daily all the time. There's nothing passive that's going to sound exactly like it, but there are tons of attempted...
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    Multi scale Telecaster?

    Agreed. I used to use 11-59s for drop C on a 25.5" scale and the tension was too tight, so I tried the same string set on a 25" scale and realized I hate anything shorter than 25.5, so I just started using 10-56s for drop C and I'm much happier. Much easier to spend some time finding a string...
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    What wiring options should I consider with a Lundgren M8?

    When using a 5 Way Switch or push pulls/mini toggles, I usually prefer to go with positions that will be hum cancelling, expect I really do like the sound of a bridge single coil. My personal favorite setup with a 5 Way is Bridge humbucker/bridge inner coil/both inner coils/neck parallel/neck...
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    Multi scale Telecaster?

    I would actually recommend a progressive tension string set from Horizon Devices, that should do a solid job of emulating what you would get with a multi scale guitar, and it gives you a 9 on the high e which may help. I always find that normally 6 string sets can have the high E at a higher...