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  1. Trespass

    Sorting through Potential Jazz Harmony/Improvisation Methods

    Guaranteed you need to look at your time and your phrasing. That's why guys demonstrating C major (ionian) can sound amazing. You aren't going to get that from a book. The books are all supplementary to this core concept. You learn this concept most easily by having a teacher that demonstrate...
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    Javier Reyes' new classical 8-string video

    Do any of these guys own a condensor?
  3. Trespass

    "why dont they just...."

    Proper technique was certainly available at that time, from classical guitarists, jazz guitarists, flamenco guitarists, and pianists. He just didn't care.
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    Toontrack - Metal Guitar God 2013 - Contest

    There's only one or two entries that know how to phrase over the key change. Everything is incredibly stop-start boxy phrasing as a result.
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    Prog Rock Billy Joel Cover Check out all the other tune too, this is incredible.
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    Have any of use used Jazz as a way to aid improvisation?

    If you're learning to play jazz, you're learning to improvise and the concepts that make music work, just with the language of jazz. You can use the same techniques of identifying key language, motifs and rhythms to learn to improvise ANYTHING (including, ambitiously, classical music).
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    Urgent iPad Video help (Going crazy!)

    No, the file is playable on the iPad in my camera roll, so it's there. Edit: It's all good! Magically showed up when installing iTunes. Maybe I was missing support for files over 4gb (or something?)
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    Urgent iPad Video help (Going crazy!)

    I don't use iTunes at all. I grab everything through gDrive or going through My Computer -> iPad -> DCIM folder. Maybe I'll install iTunes? I fear that program, I'm fairly techie and I've had nothing but problems in the past.
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    Urgent iPad Video help (Going crazy!)

    Hey guys, I recorded a 1 hour, 3 minute long video on my iPad 4, iOS6. I cannot find it in my DCIM folder! Every other video and photo before and after are there, except this long, very important video. I have taken 40-50 minute videos on here before, no problem. I assume it's over...
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    Understanding Perfect Pitch

    Counterpoint - All this anecdotal evidence is from young, inexperienced perfect pitch musicians. I know perfect pitch having professional musicians in their 60s who don't have a problem. Last Sunday, I played an out of tune grand, and this particular violinist was able to match me no problem...
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    Name this chord.

    It's just a basic sus chord with an additional third on top. It could literally be part of anything (any type of harmony). Intentionally ambiguous harmony. See: modal jazz, Herbie Hancock/Chick Corea/McCoy Tyner's harmonic developments, French impressionism (in the intentionally ambiguous...
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    Some new Ibanez jazz-cans!

    Try Eastman's Chinese made ES-175 copy. $600ish, right out the box smokes everything short of a decent 175.
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    Is Django Reinhart a good artist to start Jazz Guitar with?q

    I play gypsy jazz with authentic players every week, and have toured with a gypsy jazz quartet. If you have any questions, send me a message.
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    The quest for clean playing: The metronome

    You should play to the metronome with the beat on 1 and 3, and then try 2 and 4. Then, have the metronome beat just on 4. This is most successful with a metronome that doesn't have a prominent click on 1. There are also apps that will drop beats or bars (justin sandercoe's app does this)...
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    Good quality and low priced acoustics

    I'd say Taylor low end can be "full", but it's usually a very muddy full. If you want a really solid acoustic Taylor for the money (their entire range is designed with the concept that it'll be plugged in - see the Taylor expression system) than get the Taylor GS Mini. $500, very solid...
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    3 guitarists in a band?

    We've been layering instruments for a long time. See: Orchestras, choirs, chamber groups etc. All that literature is at your library. Just analyze what they're are doing, figure out what is transferable to your situation, and apply the concepts.
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    Jazz rig.

    Just get a Polytone, preferably used and functional. It's a very colored sound, but that works to your favor - your guitar will not matter as much. Plus, if you get one with an extension speaker out, you can boost volume with an additional cab or amp if required. I would disagree with the AER...
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    Interesting uses of chromaticism?

    Play 16th notes, place chord tones on downbeats. Make sure line contour runs through them naturally.
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    Insanely cool 'reduced range' tuning

    While I definitely think exploring different tunings is a cool and worthwhile endeavor for many reasons, I don't think this one is a particularly good one. As both a pianist and a guitarist for nearly two decades, I can assure you that the difference between piano and standard-tuned-guitar...