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    NGD RGA7

    I want an RGA7 so bad. Tried one of these at a GC years ago and the pups were shockingly bad. Wish I had grabbed it though and just swapped the pups.

    NGD - Ibanez RG7620

    I have my '98 Galaxy black 7620, still in pieces. Took it apart 20 years ago to refinish it. Sanded most of it down and that was it. It's sat in a case since then. Bridge, frets, neck basically in new condition. Which reminds me. I have a 7321 that needs it's pups upgraded, think I'll put the...

    What bands did you see live recently / are waiting to see?

    Have tickets for Cold on May 25th. They're supposed to be playing Year of the Spider in its entirety. Pretty stoked about it. One of my favorites that I never had the chance to see.

    I need a bass rig!

    I've seen several of those VX410's on GC used for around $400, just wasn't sure of the quality. Also some Gallien Krueger 500w compact heads. Might be a decent little starter setup. 🤔 Gotta hit up the stores and see what they have. Much rather play first as idk dick as far as want I really want...

    I need a bass rig!

    Thanks for the replies. Budget wise, $700-$800 for a head and cab. I want at least a 410 to start with. Probably grab a 2nd 410 later on. Gonna try and hit up GC and Music Go Round to see what they have in stock, as well as craigslist and FB marketplace.

    I need a bass rig!

    Looking to get into playing some bass. One just for the fun of it, and two it'll open up some options for jamming with others. I am blessed atm to have 3 different drummers to jam with. I'm a decent guitarist but I know a couple guys that are really good, and I wanna try things out on the bass...

    What are you listening to?

    The Dead South Dax Rhythm Future Quartet Manchester Orchestra Their Dogs Were Astronauts Toska and basically anything Rabbea

    T.V. shows you've been watching

    Last of Us ep7. What a f'n pile of shit.

    T.V. shows you've been watching

    Hopefully tonight's episode of The Last of Us is better than last weeks. 6 episodes in and it's still dragging, I mean I really want to like the show but honestly it's kinda boring.

    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    I wasn't diehard on this is happening or not happening. Seems a silly thing to be all worked up over either way. It's cool that there are younger fans that never got to see Pantera live, and now they have a chance, even it's it's only an imitation. I'm just very grateful I had the opportunity...

    Dark Country/Western music?

    Excellent thread, some really cool stuff here I've never heard. Been a bit jaded/burnt out on heavy stuff for a lil while. Not sure if people consider them dark country or not but Dead South is dope as fuck. Jam them on the regular.

    Why are guitar cables junk?!

    Coil up your cables and don't step on them. That's about it. I have a couple Monster cables that have laster over 10 years, and some D'Addario for 5-6 with zero issues. I have a huge peeve about people stepping on my cables. I will let you know with the quickness to watch your f'n feet. 🤣

    When the kite string pops bass tone

    Agreed. I remember hearing WTKSP when it came out in high school. Been one of my all time favorite albums ever since. One of the first bands that I knew of that had the dual death metal/clean vocals. It'd be amazing if they did a reunion tour, but unfortunately from what I understand Dax won't...

    How to avoid neck dive in small body guitars

    Some good ideas here. I absolutely love my 27" Viper 7 but it does neck dive a bit. The wide leather strap I got for it just tends to pull my shirt down with it, which is really uncomfortable. Gonna have to try something.

    New Scar Symmetry finally getting close.

    I actually forgot about this band. Now I have to go listen to their old stuff.

    How does it feel to play a six string again after many years of only 7's?

    6 string necks tend to cramp my hand up, so I've stuck to 7's exclusively the last several years. So going back to a 6 would reintroduce that issue. Also, when I do pick up a 6, I really feel limited by not having the range for the chords I'm used to on 7's. Always feels like something's missing.

    From 8 to 7 but maintaining the tuning

    I'll 2nd getting something at least 27" for tuning that low.

    27" Baritone tuned to E standard

    I have a 27" LTD Viper 7 and go back and forth between drop B and drop A#. So much snappier, immediate, and clear sounding than with my 25.5" scale 7's.