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  1. QuantumCybin

    Neil Peart has passed away

    I'm devastated. What an absolute legend he is. RIP.
  2. QuantumCybin


    Pitch Dark is such a great track.
  3. QuantumCybin

    Does anyone here listen to The Midnight? (80's inspired synthwave)

    The Midnight SLAYED. Their opening act, Violet Days, was also really effin' good. Go see them live now! I was happy to see Tyler Lyle sounds just as good live as on the records.
  4. QuantumCybin

    If you like old school RPG's that don't hold your hand, go play Outward right now

    Seriously, game is one of the best RPG's I've played in recent memory. No fast travel, no quest markers, no hand holding. It reminds me of Morrowind a LOT, although people also say it reminds them of Risen/Gothic (I haven't played those games so I can't say). What's even better is the studio is...
  5. QuantumCybin

    Does anyone here listen to The Midnight? (80's inspired synthwave)

    I'm going to see The Midnight in Nashville on the 7th! I'm really stoked Anyone else catching them on this US tour?
  6. QuantumCybin

    Fallout 76

    Lol it's looking potentially worse than that. They are potentially facing a major lawsuit because of this leak of customer information over in Europe because of the GDPR. This is a serious problem for them.
  7. QuantumCybin

    Fallout 76 How about a random person who bought the game is receiving every single support ticket that is being sent to Bethesda? :lol: and yes it was confirmed
  8. QuantumCybin

    Prey (2017)

    Really?? I didn't know about system shock 3 or a reboot. that's awesome. and yeah, the environments and lore in this one are super cool but I wanna go back and play the one from 2006 because I was what, 13 or 14 at the time and I remember it being a total mindfuck with the environments
  9. QuantumCybin

    Prey (2017)

    How did I forget this game existed? I played the original back in 2006 when it came out and loved it. But of the game is fucking fantastic. I'm like 15-20 hours in. It's like BioShock, System Shock, Half-Life, Dead Space all came together to produce an amazing baby. If they...
  10. QuantumCybin

    Fallout 76

    C'mon man, let me keep lying to myself :lol:
  11. QuantumCybin

    Fallout 76

    I'd like to find more videos like that; discussion about the game rather than arbitrary "review". I've rarely paid much attention to reviews for a long time, but the ones for Fallout 76 are really blatantly unfair and you can tell that they haven't spent much time actually playing the game.
  12. QuantumCybin

    Fallout 76

    I think a lot of the hate bandwagon is simply just that, a bandwagon. Can't remember if I've said it here, but this game is scoring lower than No Man's Sky did at launch. People just want views on their YouTube channels and shit, so exaggerating to the point of hyperbole in their "reviews" is...
  13. QuantumCybin

    Fallout 76

    Yeah it's causing a huge upset with people who have bought the game already that Bethesda is discounting it. I paid a full 60 for the game and i'd say I've gotten my money's worth out of it already. I get why they're pissed though, especially people who bought the Tricentennial Edition :lol...
  14. QuantumCybin

    Any TV nerds among us?

    Yeah, if you don't turn features like that off, everything you watch ends up looking like a soap opera. Really terrible, actually lol
  15. QuantumCybin

    Fallout 76

    Yeah you’re not the first person I’ve seen with actual game dev knowledge (I don’t know a single thing about the technical side of making video games) who has said that. I’ve seen people on Reddit saying that essentially no one is or wants to make an entirely new game engine. Everything is built...
  16. QuantumCybin

    Fallout 76

    I didn't notice we had a thread about this. I played the fuck out of Fallout 3 and New Vegas (New Vegas is one of my favorite games of all time). I played 4, but not for very long. Maybe around 30 hours. I didn't really pay attention to 76 at all. Didn't play the beta, didn't watch any reviews...
  17. QuantumCybin

    What game are you playing?

    I’ve played it for about five hours so far and (mind you, I played the first RDR back in 2010 when it came out and loved it so I’m biased) but I am really enjoying it. Yes, the pace of the game is slow, but Rockstar put a ton of work into the little details of this game it’s pretty cool. The...
  18. QuantumCybin

    A long shot, but do any PC gamers here play Escape From Tarkov?

    Yeah I’m looking forward to 10.5 with med animations (finally). Definitely going to slow the pace of the game more but I think that’s great. You’ll definitely see people being less aggressive to push first because they can’t just pop meds and insta-heal.
  19. QuantumCybin

    Berried Alive. I keep seeing this band on social media. Am I taking crazy pills?

    I'm getting serious deja vu, isn't there a multiple page thread about this guy from a couple months ago? I can't imagine the general consensus on him has changed all that much...