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  1. Noodler

    Post Your GAS

    I heard back from Dingwall on this one... It's a 2.5 year wait to get right now and will cost ball park $6000 CDN... I'll just admire it on my computer. 😥
  2. Noodler

    Random Pics of Your Sevens

    I hope you didn't forget to read the "read me" first! Seems pretty important. 🤣
  3. Noodler

    Dealbreakers. What are yours?

    Deal breaker for me are Fishman pickups. I haven't played a set I liked.
  4. Noodler

    Post Your GAS

    I spotted this a couple days ago and WANT it, but in a 4 string. I emailed Dingwall and am waiting to hear back.
  5. Noodler

    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    I love the X series EMG's and that murdered out look is killer!
  6. Noodler

    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    Looks really good!
  7. Noodler

    The Strat thread

    There've been lots posted so far that aren't Fender/Squire so I feel as long as it's a "strat" shape, it's good to go in here.
  8. Noodler

    The Strat thread

    Here's my American Pro II, Sonic Blue with a rosewood neck and fingerboard.
  9. Noodler

    Tuning Issues

    Are all your tuning pegs tight? Tried lubing the nut yet? Are you trying to tune with new or old string? If the strings are new, have you stretched them already?
  10. Noodler

    Some guitars sound muddy with emgs

    I've found that anytime I get a muddy/dark sound from my EMG's that it's because they aren't close enough to the strings. I set all my guitars with EMG's so that the pickups are as close to the strings as possible without touching and it's always kept them crisp and clear.
  11. Noodler

    Post Your GAS

    Give it to me naoh!!
  12. Noodler

    Strat with emg single coils metal?

    Do you have a noise gate? If not, put one in your pedal chain right after your tuner to get rid of the single coil noise. I do that with my Strat and Talman and I get zero noise from the singles. Cheaper than buying new pickups too!
  13. Noodler

    Post Your GAS

    This new Balaguer model looks gooooooood!
  14. Noodler

    NGD: Jackson USA Broderick Diabolic

    That is one sexy guitar! Happy NGD!
  15. Noodler

    Post Your GAS

    She's a beauty! I bought a Fender American Pro II HSS Strat this year and it's been amazing.
  16. Noodler

    The facts about compound radius?

    Between my Strat with a 9 something radius, and my Extura with probably a 12 radius, I can't feel a difference when I swap between them. The neck width differences matter more IMO than the radius. I find I can bend notes equally between the two and not worry about fretting out. Don't worry...
  17. Noodler

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    This weekend I swapped my 81X and 85X from the standard 81 bridge/85 and damn! It's an amazing set up now with the 85X in the bridge and 81X in the neck. The rhythm tones from the 85X are thick and tight and the neck tones from the 81X are clear and full of sustain. I think it was...
  18. Noodler

    Is there a difference between a regular cabinet and an extension cabinet?

    Not as far as I'm aware. I have a 1x12 Hughes and Kettner "extension" cab and it works great with my heads. I think they're mostly marketed as extension cabs because they're a way to "add onto" any cab config you already have. Just make sure the cab matches your heads impedance rating and...
  19. Noodler

    What guitar pick do you use?

    I played the Ernie Ball Prodigy 1.5mm picks for a a while but they're just too pointed for my playing. I've swapped to the red Jazz III's and love them.
  20. Noodler

    Post Your GAS

    And the 6 string version.... I gotta go to bed before I load my Visa. lol