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  1. petereanima

    The Dirty, Angry, Crusty Thread.

    Two of my fellow Iron Heel bandmates were busy (while the rest of us prepares the last details for recording the new album), and did an EP full of HM2-fueled, anti-fascist, angry as ...., crusty raw thrash. Free download; Vinyl coming soon.
  2. petereanima

    Schlachthaus Zukunft - Absolve Domine (dissonant extreme black metal)

    despite the lack of interest, i wish to inform you that it is now available on bandcamp (pay what you want/free)
  3. petereanima

    Schlachthaus Zukunft - Absolve Domine (dissonant extreme black metal)

    Schlachthaus Zukunft is a project a friend of mine and I are making together, and our extinction ritual 'absolve domine' is now done. Complete album stream is here: obligatory facebook link: I would be...
  4. petereanima

    Schecter C-7 and heavier gauge strings?

    I use a 74 on my C-7 (tuned to F#) without a problem. you have to "unwind" the string at the tip though to get it through the mechanic.
  5. petereanima

    Diezel Herbert [EU / AT]

    As far as trades go: On Gibson Les Pauls - anything is possible. For PRS and Mayones - no plain guitars, I want some texture. Also considerable: Gibson SG's, especially the Gothic. A nice Tele might also be something that tickles my fancy.
  6. petereanima

    Diezel Herbert [EU / AT]

    Available again, and as I am also on the hunt for a new guitar at the moment, I am considering trades now also. No amps though (besides vintage Sunn amps), but I would be tempted to trade for a Gibson Les Paul, PRS, or maybe even a Mayones. For Cash-buyers: I will be on holidays in the middle...
  7. petereanima

    If you are into Doom and Gothic style Metal...

    I am getting a My Dying Bride kind of vibe, which is a very good thing.
  8. petereanima

    AHAB thread

    <- Waiting for this to drop. Every Ahab album is top of the game, I expect nothing less.
  9. petereanima

    NGD: Hapas Guitars Sludge 727 (Baritone Telecaster Content)

    simply the perfect Tele7. nothing more, nothing less.
  10. petereanima

    New Paradise Lost video - Beneath The Broken Earth

    you really think so? I am a Paradise Lost fan for over 20 years now, and Icon and SoG beeing both in my all time top favorite ever (...blabla...) list - but I really think this song here is one of the best they have ever written. It is not even a bit softer than in their prime, but matured in...
  11. petereanima

    Diezel Herbert [EU / AT]

    Hey man, thank you for the offer - but I am not really looking for trades (besides maybe an Orange 412 + appropriate cash on buyers side). but thanks again!
  12. petereanima

    Ambient/drone bands?

    For real, start with Earth. Start exactly here:
  13. petereanima

    Ye Olde Metalheads Thread (post up if your 30 yrs +)

    Went to see Lynyrd Skynyrd (or let's say "the band that tours under the name of LS..") yesterday. Not the first time I thought "Man, I should check seated tickets in the future..". TL;DR: turned 34 a little over 2 weeks ago, feeling just a little older than with 25, but not much.
  14. petereanima

    Diezel Herbert [EU / AT]

    It is so hard to separate from this amp....but we just "grew apart" as you say. Our lives are going in different directions nowadays. I still like to think about the good old times, the fun we had...every now and then I pic out pictures form back then out of the box and look at them, a little...
  15. petereanima

    Star Wars Episode VII thread (cast announced)

    I've watched that trailer 3 times in a row yesterday. Manly tears of emotion went down my manly cheeks. I am not even ashamed. THIS is what I have been waiting for. Good lord, everything in this looks and sounds just amazing, I am having goosebumps all over, from the second the crashed...
  16. petereanima


    Unfortunately I can't make it - it's the last weekend before our "gig-season" starts, so we need to rehearsal. It's a shame though, amazing line up! In thread related news (kinda "old" news, but doom news travel slow, so...): New Pallbearer track rules hard. You can hear the growing...
  17. petereanima

    5 years ago today: RIP Peter Steele

    Damn. :-( In 1996, I had to choose: Sepultura as well as Type O came to town, and me being 15, I could only afford one ticket. I chose Sepultura. :-/ I mean, Idon't get me wrong - I am happy that I have seen Sep with Max, but I would "trade" memories right away. I am not listening to...
  18. petereanima


    Ah, my bad, that comes from my un-ability of multitasking. And here my stoner-contribution for this thread: Spinning this record (and their new one, also amazing) a lot lately.
  19. petereanima

    Doom/Stoner/Sludge :)