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  1. B.M.F.

    Death metal bands that play in dropped tuning on 6 strings

    Defeated Sanity - "Disposal Of The Dead // Dharmata" from 2016 was in Drop Bb tuning.
  2. B.M.F.

    How do you record/program Midi Bass?

    EZBass rules for this feature…
  3. B.M.F.

    Best ERG song of all time?

    Vai (The Riddle, when he hits those low notes) Korn (Blind, Clown, Shoots & Ladders, Ball Tounge, Helmet in the Bush etc.) Morbid Angel (Where the Slime Live) Nevermore (entire Dead Heart album) …above all, Dino Cazares… riff machine with too many to list
  4. B.M.F.

    Top 5 cab IRs

    Bogren IRs are good, must check out the downtuned pack thanks to @jvms recommendation above as it’s the one I do not have. However I would like to recommend Redwirez. They are easy to use, as every file name has the speaker distance, cone, off-axis info etc. right in there. You don’t have to go...
  5. B.M.F.

    Solar "Chug" Pedal - Available Now!

    The ultimate question for me always: is it better than the TightMetal Pro? 🤔
  6. B.M.F.

    What is an 8 string 'standard' tuning (Ibanez Prestige manual)

    So this has been driving me mad the past few days, and has me re-thinking 8-string guitars. I was setting up a RG Prestige 7-string per the manual, and something I never noticed before re: the 8 string's tuning shown below grabbed my attention. Now, I don't own an 8-string (boo), so I don't know...
  7. B.M.F.

    Benchmark/Essential Death Metal albums.

    Man no messing around here just great death metal for all, love it. Throwing out some that haven't been mentioned yet...
  8. B.M.F.

    Brutal Doom Metal, is there such?

    Winter is one of my all time favorites. So many new bands to check out from this thread.. :D Dusk rips too, they tuned to Drop A/A Standard (not 100% sure which.) A roomy, scooped and gritty, atmospheric 90's production as well.
  9. B.M.F.

    NAD Peavey teal stripe bandit 112

    Still amazed how this amp, which was in every practice room in college (lol) can get such a great brutal heavy tone with good loud as f clean channel to boot. Excellent tone sculpting here. The new Bandits, sound nothing at all like these old ones. Totally different EQs channels and controls...
  10. B.M.F.

    Wall/ceiling surface for music room/studio

    *rockwool mineral wool in the floors, walls, and ceilings... not sure how I missed that! 🤣 ugh too late to edit that one.
  11. B.M.F.

    Wall/ceiling surface for music room/studio

    I stuffed tons of rockwool mineral wool in my floors and ceilings when I had my extra room remodeled to a music room. Along with a new solid core door with new heavy duty threshold. When the door is closed I can play my tube amps really loud and only hear it bassy in one part of the house in the...
  12. B.M.F.

    So, why do fretboards have a radius anyway?

    Correct me if I am wrong but don't classical nylon string guitars have a completely flat radius?
  13. B.M.F.

    Greetings Alex, I recently put in a name change request. Hoping you could please expedite...

    Greetings Alex, I recently put in a name change request. Hoping you could please expedite it?..thank you!!
  14. B.M.F.

    Your First Live Concert-

    Hope all are well, super fun to read through all's replies... we all listen to a huge diverse collection of music. Pink Floyd - Division Bell Tour, Yankee Stadium June 10th 1994, I was 11 years old. Their last big final arena tour with full on special effects. It was legendary..
  15. B.M.F.

    i bought the precision drive for my pedalboard..... i regret it!

    He’s being a troll. Running cab sim out into the overdrive channel on his amp? 🤣 Didn’t sound good on my Digitech RP-12 back in 1996 and still doesn’t work now…
  16. B.M.F.

    Do Jacksons sound worse than ESPs?

    And the point of that to the conversation was… ? What a weird bunch around here.
  17. B.M.F.

    Do Jacksons sound worse than ESPs?

    Taking my comment out of context, I’ve never met another guitar player that was 100% happy with their playing. Taking my comment back into context, gear insecurity is a real thing and this thread is 100% proof if it is not trolling.
  18. B.M.F.

    Do Jacksons sound worse than ESPs? has a really bad BS-detector. Not the first example. This dude is blatantly pro-ESP anti-Jackson, for whatever reason. You guys feed the trolls ALL the time. Here's an idea, more time spent practicing how to actually play = less time worrying over stupid gear-related crap like this. There...
  19. B.M.F.

    Guitar prices are out of control

    I have seen this occur well over time. The Ibanez RG570 I got in 1997 as a teen (first "real" axe) was $500. The comparable H-S-H Prestige model was around $1000 in 2013 (prices jumped up a lot after the 2008 crash.) Now, new Prestige's creep up to $1500. Multiple factors at play, with not...
  20. B.M.F.

    Alan, Ray, and Andy - What a day...

    Yeah that's Bruford on the LP. Alan didn't join Yes until Yessongs tour in '73. Yessongs is half Alan half Bill