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    What is this new Polyphia song?

    Guys, this song is fucking tight as all hell. This is the way guitar gets into pop music again. They made a badass JPop song and I hope eventually they sell out stadiums with this kind of shit.
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    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    I really can’t remember correctly but I think this one or the Leguna Seca blue one showed up in Atomic music a while ago.
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    Best pickups for Black limba (korina)

    This thread is still going?
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    Warmoth Baritone 7s?

    I’ve replaced side dots using a pin vise before and it was super easy. The plastic material came right out and I just popped the new material in, trimmed, sanded, and then it was done. Using power tools for operations like this gives me weird feelings and saved me making a jig.
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    Country Music - Recommendations?

    Cody Jinks is also sort of in the same ballpark as these guys. There is a lot of pretty decent country out there but you really have to scrape off the Broadway St., Nashville bullshit to find it. Casualties of Cool is a side project by Devin Townsend and it's just kinda spooky country. Pretty...
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    Tools, Jigs, Templates, and Method Discussion

    My 3d printer has been a surprisingly useful tool for guitar tech stuff. I recently grabbed a roll of PETG and it's working wonderfully but I mean to make a little sealed up system to print Nylon since I upgraded to an all metal hotend. I use PLA for prototypes and then the more expensive...
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    Painting over white paint...

    Omzig said gave really good advice. If you're visual, StewMac recently did a video series that's actually pretty decent about finishing/refinishing using rattle cans.
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    Tools, Jigs, Templates, and Method Discussion

    This is a good video demonstrating this. The same method saved me when I didn't have a jointer and I had to figure out how to flatten a huge chunk of sapele.
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    Refinish holes in my Horizon

    That’s rough about the extra groove! You’ll get there, though. I’d really recommend picking up an accelerant so you can be sure it’s cured. If you don’t want to grab some then CA cures incredibly quickly so you shouldn’t have to wait more than 15-20 minutes (or usually much less) in between...
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    Right tools to file a guitar nut (Mega thick strings)

    In a pinch you could rig something up by affixing a portion of the string to something thin like a dowel, popsicle stick, pencil, etc to create a very questionable file. Not recommended but will get the job done.
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    New Steve Vai album 'Inviolate' out January 28th

    This whole thing is just prime Vai and I love it.
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    Talk me out of buying a Strymon Blue Sky

    I’ve been through a bunch of gear over the years and one of the few things I don’t regret owning was the Big Sky because it’s an absolute beast of a reverb. It’s the Final Boss of reverb pedals. If you can stretch your budget then try and snag one.
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    I believe Ramin is a Remote Control Productions grad so it would make sense that his approach is similar. It’s a shame that this style has taken over the industry.
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    The movie was pretty much everything I wanted, as a fan. Absolutely beautiful. One thing I have to say is that people calling all of these Zimmer scores masterpieces is almost laughable. The guy does minimalist soundscapes nowadays that are very unlike the scores he used to do. This movie was...
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    Dream Theater

    Time for James to retire. Give him a pension or something for being such a swell guy and then get a new person.
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    3D printing cavity covers

    Elegoo Mars here and getting things to print and stay flat is a crapshoot. An acquaintance insulated his printing shelves and monitored the temp with an Octoprint plugin and he had better luck with smaller parts staying flat but I never went to that length. For stuff like cavity covers I just go...
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    PRS Private Stock Guitars

    I think the way to think about PS builds isn’t dissimilar from the way people think about watches. I can get a watch from a truck stop that’ll tell time as well as a high end watch but the high end watch is gonna be made by some Swiss master using platinum and a super intricate mechanism. PS...