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  1. A-Branger

    Good bass to give as gift?

    that ibanez bass, or any SR range is perfect. They are the most confortable both in body size and neck. Jazz basses can sound great but have lots of neck dive on your lap and they are huge. SR would be the best way to go As others said, forget about the katana.... or any type of modeling amp...
  2. A-Branger

    Ormsby Rc-One... any out there?

    yes, run6 hypes was made in a more stained finish. I was also pretty surprised on the "dullness" of the color. Future runs where made with a more of a candy color coat over. Much similar to the mockups also, you guys need to remember, this is Korea making the painting, not us. Funny enough...
  3. A-Branger

    Pickup and Preamp Recommendations for Custom Bass build

    yup for nordstrands pickups, cant go wrong with them. The real question is the position of them on the bass, so do bit of research on that as for "pre-amp" , see it more as a "on-board EQ" , dont aproach it as a "pre-amp" like a guitar amp (for example). The darkglass pre-amp is not gonna...
  4. A-Branger

    Help with my wood…well choices for custom

    go with the woods that are more prettier to you. All the choices you mention are gonna work great. But if you go with one wood only neck (either maple or wenge) be sure its a 3 pc and not a single piece, its gonna help in stability way more than whatever "tone" benefits from a one piece neck...
  5. A-Branger

    Petrucci 8 String Possibility? IT DOES EXIST!

    I dnt understadn why everyone is complaining so muhc about the bridge. Its exactly the same bridge design as his 6/7 majesty, waht you guys expecting it to be?. they just took the same bridge, aded one string and done. Of course its "big", the regular bridge is already "big"... they could ahve...
  6. A-Branger

    Do you need to plug in both powered studio monitors?

    ^ that. daisy chain monitors are usually the smaller/cheaper stuff. IE like the mackie 4" and usually come with a 1/8 input and RCA too . those yamahas and others more "pro" are usually independent to each others in power/input/level and usually come with 1/4 and XLR inputs only google the...
  7. A-Branger

    Ormsby GTR?

    ^ yup pickups on the Ormsby guitars are same standard sized bobins out there. Difference is that the guitars have less string spacing, so once you slant the pickups, pole pieces align. But yes, you can swap baseplates no problems. As long as the pickups its an open bobin passive ofcourse...
  8. A-Branger

    Fretboard wood vs pinch harmonics

    I got two guitars of the same model shape, one with ebony one with maple board (one is a6 other is a 7, alos one mahogany and one swamp ash), but same model guitar same shape, same pickups. Same pinch harmonic ^ this and prob that too kinda... strings vibrate on a fret (if the fret was made...
  9. A-Branger

    Favorite Star/X shape guitar?

  10. A-Branger

    Sometimes I Just Want It To End!

    try a new hobbie, take dance lessons (for example). I love metal and play metal, but I love lating dancing. And this is my way to socialize and meet people, its my little buble of happiness. 1 day classes a week (or two if I wanna learn a different style) and theres always 1-3 social parties on...
  11. A-Branger

    Post Your GAS

    donno, just a hunch ;)
  12. A-Branger

    Post Your GAS

    I thiiiiiiiiiink, (and not really sure about this), that you like V guitars? maybe? kinda?
  13. A-Branger

    Ibanez 2021 models (Headless!)

    it is depending on how you play it. doing a F barr chord on the 1st fret (the msot extreme angle), your wrist have less break angle than if you do the same chord on a regular fret guitar. mind you, to acomplish this your elbow needs to be closer to your body (on a multiscale), rather than...
  14. A-Branger

    Does this bass DI sound right?

    yup, sounds like a normal bass would sound. Welcome to the world of bass, where things are waaaay different to what guitar people think they are :P :P on the active EQ, yes, the middle notch is 0db+/-. Use the EQ controls to dile in a bit better sound, a small boost of bass and mids that high...
  15. A-Branger

    Teach me how to dial in a Djent bass tone like Nolly

    that long scale is gonna give you some clarity tone (same as a long scale guitar vs regular) having said that, his bass pickup configuration is what makes it. His two pickup bass prob would be more similar in sound to a Stingray type of bass MusicMan humbucker type of sound. If the bass you...
  16. A-Branger

    Suggest an 8 string for an odd person

    ^this, so much this get a drop tune pedal to play that one riff. Or borrow a guitar from a mate, or jsut simply rent one at a store go and do your 0-0-0-0-0-1-0-0-0 and return it next day/week and be done. Or jsut simply go to a store and ask to "try" one (either the guitar or an amp using an...
  17. A-Branger

    Fretless 5 string for a deathcore band?

    kinda-ish saying the tone is in the fingers is like saying the tone is in the hands when playing a guitar. This is true and false at the same time true in the sense of attack, dynamics, feeling, timing.... (taking out the improvisation part of the equation...) but false in the sense of true...
  18. A-Branger

    Random baritone question.

    my two multiscales 6 string with 27.5" on the low are tunned to standard. difference is I use a 42 for E rather than a 46 which I use on my 25.5" guitar
  19. A-Branger

    Fretless 5 string for a deathcore band?

    unless you are doing alot of sliding I wold say stay away from fretless unless you have an extraordinary perfect ear/techique in order to hit every note perfect in intonation on a very fast passed metal context. you are adding yourself a whole extra level of difficulty for a (in my oppinion)...