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  1. Rook

    The Pickup DI Track Thread

    Shout out to the guy on Facebook who just recommended this thread to me 9 years after I made it.
  2. Rook

    AXE FX II + AX8 + 18i20 + Midi? how to

    Just to add, firstly I’d use Ableton Live for this, it’s pretty much exactly what it’s designed for! Caveat being know Live well, but you could use their ‘external intrument’ device to wrap all your midi and audio processing up nicely in a little bundle of happiness. Secondly, don’t forget that...
  3. Rook

    What are the best NEWER metal amp heads out there?

    What budda said is roughly correct, but on this spectrum I’d say more Mark. It’s capable of being a very focused amp, very saturated, with a very powerful treble control on the high gain channel. It certainly uses the EL34’s reduced bandwidth to its advantage to create a very direct, cutting...
  4. Rook

    Are 8 strings dead?

    I used to love that sandblasted Ash look, bought a Warwick and Mayones with it, then went completely off it. Really not keen now. Those bridges have sharp af corners too.
  5. Rook

    Axe Fx II vs VST

    So, full disclosure, I work for a company in the market you’re talking about there so I’ll let others make recommendations, but yes, brands like those and in the price point you mention will do exactly what you need! Haha.
  6. Rook

    Axe Fx II vs VST

    Really important things when using VST’s, particularly if you’re auditioning vs a physical unit are: - low latency, so make sure if you’re just jamming with a plugin you’re doing so in the most process-light way. Close programs in your computer and use the lowest buffer and highest sample rate...
  7. Rook

    The .strandberg* Thread

    Yeah don’t get me wrong, they’re very unique and comfortable guitars and I’ve always loved Ola’s approach to everything. Main things from me are: - Exactly as you say, M2M’s are just too expensive. I sold mine because I needed a deposit for a house, and the fact that I could do that made it...
  8. Rook

    Has anyone tried the 81-8s?

    I’ve owned every EMG 8 string pickup they make, and used em all a fair bit. The 81-8 is very cool, and I’m not a big fan of the OG 81. Compared to the 6, it’s still hot with a lot of mids, it doesn’t clip as much as the 6 string version though. In my experience the 808 is pretty much the only...
  9. Rook

    Are 8 strings dead?

    Love me some single coils mate.
  10. Rook

    The .strandberg* Thread

    Can’t say I disagree tbh, I think it’s telling that - and I don’t mean this to sound like a dick - I could have pretty much anything these days and I own zero Strandbergs.
  11. Rook

    The .strandberg* Thread

    I can’t remember what I said in this thread when I got it but having owned #6 and #55... the quality wasn’t really a standout point. #6 moreso, both guitars had a very handmade feel. I’ve since played some of their (crazy expensive, frankly) import guitars, like the Boden Metal etc, and the...
  12. Rook

    Are 8 strings dead?

    I think the whole 8 string thing’s chilled out a bit but they definitely aren’t dead. I find I don’t get odd looks from people when I pull out 7’s or 8’s any more, it’s just a thing people do. That said, I just bought a Jazzmaster soooo...
  13. Rook

    Best 8 string for around $2500/£2000?

    The Setius has a rounder neck and less friendly heel, where the neck meets the body. Both necks are great, both models play well and have their own merits, I think I'm in a minority but I don't perceive the difference between the Setius and Regius to be one of quality, just price point mostly...
  14. Rook

    Photography Thread

    What the fridge, I can't like posts or swear any more! Seriously?!
  15. Rook

    Best 8 string for around $2500/£2000?

    Well I haven't played an Aristedes but hate the aesthetic. Not really your problem. I've owned 2 strandbergs and a bunch of Mayones so would say the following: - If you're gunna be moving it around a lot, the size and weight of strandberg's a huge plus. - Saying that, I think Mayo might just...
  16. Rook

    The .strandberg* Thread

    My first strandberg, number 6, was far from perfect, but my second, 55, was much better. Wouldn't judge based on an old one, but saying that, the newer M2M's definitely have more of a handmade feel than like a PRS or something. It's good though, no flaws to speak of.
  17. Rook

    Favorite 8 string tuning?

    Gauges (which aren't perfect) are (i think) 90 - 57 - 43 - 31 - 23 - 17 -13 - 10 It's the middle B and E strings which are a little snappy but really not bad generally. If I could be bothered I'd probably take em down a few each but the way I was using them it didn't matter too much. It's a...
  18. Rook

    NGD: Something new, something blue.

    cheeky, never seen a glossy one before.
  19. Rook

    RG852 EMG 808 to 808x swap

    I direct swapped and: - The tone pot thing doesn't matter unless you use the tone control. When you turn it down it just has a different roll-off I think. Turned all the way up I'm 99% sure either sounds the same. - Yes it's unplug, re-plug-in, simple. - I was lucky enough to own all the 8...
  20. Rook

    Pickup advice for a 28' swamp ash 8 strings, which BkP or Lundgren?

    My strandberg was 31" on the low end and swamp ash body with a maple board - I had M8's in it and it was insanely versatile. Very clear, easily pulled out insane modern, tight metal tones with it but I legit plugged it into an 80's Marshall 50 watt and anyone would think I were playing a Les...