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  1. eaeolian

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    Wow, DK2Ts are pretty rare to begin with, and HRF isn't the most common - usually if you see one with flames it's the RGF or HWF. Nice score.
  2. eaeolian

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    Yeah, the prices are insane.
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    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    Yeah, those are different, probably to keep people from just upgrading the base plate and calling it a day.
  4. eaeolian

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    I had one apart the other day, the spacing for the bolts looks the same to me, and Crooks replaced the block on it with a 42mm before he passed it on to me. All the OFR parts should fit the Schaller, just the base plate is different and the lock screws are shorter (but the same diameter/thread).
  5. eaeolian

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    OFR blocks fit.
  6. eaeolian

    Why have Dean guitars seemed to have fallen so far out of the spotlight?

    You know, sadly, the graphics turned a lot of people off. The WMI Korean and USA guitars were actually pretty high quality, but some of the designs were...not optimal. Even the wrap guitars had the potential to be something different, but..
  7. eaeolian

    NGD: 90s Yamaha gets a second life

    Those are, indeed, rad guitars. Glad that neck trick worked out for you!
  8. eaeolian

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    Schaller is fine, cheaper and more in the right vibe, since the Schaller is basically the JT-590 trem from the Pros but with better intonation screw hole inserts so they don't strip out.
  9. eaeolian

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    I'd replace the posts with the Schaller ones - or buy a Gotoh and some WD posts, which is what I did with the Dinky XL. The 580lp is horrible, IMO.
  10. eaeolian

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    All the XLs have a pretty cool neck profile that's a little thinner than the standard Soloist profile, IMO. I love my Dinky XLs neck. The Jackson pickups will suck. :lol:
  11. eaeolian

    Ibanez Lo Pro Edge, Floyd Rose OFR Question

    Much as I might agree with your sentiment (I'm a big Gotoh fan), the fine tuners are definitely what the OP is looking at moving. The 1000 Series Pro should take care of that.
  12. eaeolian

    WTB BKP 7 string humbucker sets(open coil only, have to be able to convert to multi scale)

    Next time report the post and we'll get to it quicker. We get a lot of posts.
  13. eaeolian

    Dealbreakers. What are yours?

    V shaped necks. Super-shallow D necks like most Ibanez.
  14. eaeolian

    NGD: JCS Warrior Content

    Very nice, indeed. It's a pity they won't do the slanty fretboard anymore, though. :shrug:
  15. eaeolian

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

  16. eaeolian

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    ^ The Korean Jacksons I've played have all been good. I've been kinda looking for a DK7 modern to show up used, because the one's I've played have been pretty damn good.
  17. eaeolian

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    So, the mutts just keep on coming...
  18. eaeolian

    New Amp Day - my first tube amp!

    Changing power tubes should be all you need to do, and that's pretty easy. Unless one is ringing or something, preamp tubes last a long, long time so I wouldn't worry about those.
  19. eaeolian

    NGD - Jackson DK2 made in Japan

    You can find them for reasonable prices if you don't mind a few dings and are patient.