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  1. Tenaba

    Rest and Wait

    I originally wrote this song in 2021, and now I've remade it two years later. This isn't metal (not entirely sure of the genre this is), nor does it even have guitars, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.
  2. Tenaba

    Any metal written in all 4ths tuning? (EADGCF)

    I always play either in All Fourths, or the "Dropped Version" (e.g. DADGCF) although I don't really make metal music anymore. While there are quite a few chord voicings that are easier to play in Standard Tuning, I do appreciate being able to use particular voicings regardless of which strings...
  3. Tenaba

    Just dropped a new EP. Thoughts?

    I listened to this, and liked it enough to listen to your other stuff too. I really like Collection 1! There's a lot of unique ideas there.
  4. Tenaba

    Short 10-string metal instrumental

    Wow, that's a really clear sound from the 10th string!
  5. Tenaba

    Tenaba - Siren

    Thanks for checking it out! Yes, the vocals are synthesized using a program called Synthesizer V. It's made quite a few improvements as of late, so it's nice to have a song making use of it.
  6. Tenaba

    Tenaba - Siren

    Hi everyone, this isn't metal, but I've made a song. I've been trying to learn piano a bit, and I think I've made some progress. I used an Ibanez RG7421, but didn't need to use the 7th string in this song. I just prefer it to my six string guitar. Let me know what you think!
  7. Tenaba

    New video / Abasi contest

    Really nice phrasing and clean playing!
  8. Tenaba

    Anyone here like/use vocal synth software?

    I gotta say that SynthV's been getting crazy good with the recent updates. Not just the new voices, but updates to the existing voices also improved a lot. Great tuning on your song by the way.
  9. Tenaba

    Wintersun's Groundhog's Day Thread

    Yeah, well the first minute of my upcoming song is going to be 60 seconds long.
  10. Tenaba

    Intonating 24 5/8ths scale guitar

    I've done the same. At one point I was running about 23lbs of tension. Years later I started playing at 10lbs or so of tension. Now I prefer something in between. Who knows what tensions we're going to like next year lol.
  11. Tenaba

    8 string tunings

    I believe he used a high F#4, a 26.5" scale should be able to handle it. I played that setup briefly with a .009 gauge string, I remember being able to bend up a whole tone.
  12. Tenaba

    Anyone here like/use vocal synth software?

    That demo's pretty cool. Maybe we'll start seeing some more vocal synth producers using Neutrino in the future. I like the upward vocal inflections at the end of some syllables. Is that part of the voice, or did you have to tune that manually?
  13. Tenaba

    Anyone here like/use vocal synth software?

    Cool, I'm liking the cover art. I've been meaning to try making a song with Solaria, but I already bought another voicebank. I make music sometimes with the Eleanor Forte AI bank, and I've been liking how flexible it is with regards to pronunciation. Especially compared to the previous standard...
  14. Tenaba

    A song of Gratitude for Everyone here!!

    Are there any in particular that you would recommend?
  15. Tenaba

    Petrucci 8 String Possibility? IT DOES EXIST!

    That's actually really cool. I was always thinking of a pitch-shift pedal that can shift in both directions without needing to change the controls. Agree on that neutral point. One of my gripes with the Whammy is that unlike a trem, it doesn't return to its "resting position" when you take your...
  16. Tenaba

    5 string bass neccessery for downtuned music?

    I read this and just had to look it up. It exists. :lol:
  17. Tenaba

    What game are you playing?

    I recently finished Hollow Knight and agree on the difficulty curve, it feels perfectly paced from start to completion. I last tried to complete the Grimm Troupe DLC, but I can't even beat Nightmare King Grimm. Apparently there's a Godmaster DLC where the fight is even more difficult, I don't...
  18. Tenaba

    How to fix poor timing?

    Thanks! The exercise seems simple enough from watching it but I gotta say, I kinda suck at performing it right now lol This is a great video, really simple to practice too. Love the part where he says "I'm still gaining experience points playing at that tempo". Same, I always find...
  19. Tenaba

    How to fix poor timing?

    Yes, the issue persists unplugged, I can also eye the waveform and see that on the more obvious mistakes, it doesn't align close to the grid. As far as latency goes, I record direct into my audio interface and run that through an ampsim. My round trip latency is reported at 13.6ms (through...
  20. Tenaba

    How to fix poor timing?

    Thank you, I've noticed I tap my foot often when practicing, though I don't think I ever do any of that to keep time when actually performing. I'll try that. I'll try that for sure, hopefully it helps, thanks. Here's a link to two parts I would like to perform, recorded now. The first solo...