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  1. Boofchuck

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Schecter is both my favorite, and most hated guitar brand. Nearly every guitar I own is a Schecter, they make incredible cost effective and reliable guitars, with specs that match my exact needs. And yet, I can not stand the aesthetic of most of their models. I hate gaudy, over the top guitars...
  2. Boofchuck

    Come see us on tour!

    Right on, thank you.
  3. Boofchuck

    Come see us on tour!

    Edit: Double Post
  4. Boofchuck

    Come see us on tour!

    Yeah we played there on the last tour and it was great! One of my favorite shows I've experienced actually.
  5. Boofchuck

    Come see us on tour!

    Amillennial, Ashes of Alexis, The Green Leaves, and Seven Cities Dead.
  6. Boofchuck

    Come see us on tour!

    Hello fellow nerds, my band Source hits the road next month. Come say hi! Ticketing and venue locations can be found here.
  7. Boofchuck

    Looking for band(s) to play a show with in Albany NY on April 23rd 2023

    Hi Guys, my band is booking shows for tour in April. As the title says, we're looking for bands to play with in Albany NY at Pauly's Hotel on April 23rd. Who amongst you is down? Here's a link to our socials/music and such.
  8. Boofchuck

    Fortin Meshuggah amps

    I would be surprised if they don't sell 50 tbh.
  9. Boofchuck

    You ask for a miracle? I give you the O.F.R. (8)

    This is the furthest thing from something I'd buy for myself, and yet I love it. HNGD!
  10. Boofchuck

    Games that should get remade

    Yeah, the first 2 Dead Space games are all time favorites of mine. The remake is excellent, It's honestly good enough that that I would recommend it over the original. Pretty much everything from the original is present, with a lot of great additions added on top. Although experiencing both for...
  11. Boofchuck

    NAD: ANOTHER 5153? Dude, seriously?

    I thought this was an update to your previous 5150 thread, I see I was mistaken lol.
  12. Boofchuck

    Schecter John Browne signature?

    It hurts how much I like these, especially the 8. Didn't expect Schecter to be the ones to finally make the 8 string RGD I've always wanted lol.
  13. Boofchuck

    Sevenstring forumites song collaboration?

    I'm also interested in contributing a solo.
  14. Boofchuck

    Economics of Touring Metal Bands

    That's what we do. Definitely don't have time after every show, but the days we get to go are a god send. We'll spend like 3 hours in there working out, doing yoga, showering, grooming, and rubbing one out lol.
  15. Boofchuck

    Economics of Touring Metal Bands

    Thanks for the advice. That's not surprising at all to hear lol.
  16. Boofchuck

    Economics of Touring Metal Bands

    Yeah, I think a critical thing moving forward will be for us to provide services beyond just our shows and music. Things like recording and producing other bands, selling unique merch, ghost writing for other people, creating album art, selling samples, etc.
  17. Boofchuck

    Economics of Touring Metal Bands

    Well, I feel my situation is fairly unique. But my band (Source) is a fully independent, national touring band. Lately, our tours have finally been profitable/breaking even for the first time. Because we're independent, we share our profits with no-one. But we have absolutely no support either...
  18. Boofchuck

    Mid-range 8 String Guitars

    Made in Korea, and made in China.
  19. Boofchuck

    Opinions on firing a band member

    @DiezelMonster pretty much summed up my thoughts. Communicate that he needs to improve, or the band needs to find someone else. Be honest, and ask how he feels about the situation as well.