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    Josh Scott Needs To Be Stopped

    Well yeah. What hard to get , expensive hobby toy doesn’t fall into this category? Swap out pedal for car, motorbike , fishing rod. Whatever your into.
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    What game are you playing?

    Downloaded the homebrew simulator on switch. As a homebrew we was keen to see how they did it. They did a good job , but 3 hours in I realized I was doing all the shit I do in real life but without the beer to drink at the end.
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    New Metallica: Screaming Suicide

    Studio tricks ?
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    Economics of Touring Metal Bands

    I’m not playing in gigging bands anymore. 2 young kids and I’m in my late 40s. Just couldn’t be bothered with the hassle vs the reward. I still have past band mates doing it in other bands. They say it’s gotten worse with people at gigs , and it was fucking terrible before. So I can only imagine.
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    Your Albums of 2022 (So Far)

    In metal , meshuggah for me. Still on regular gym rotation. After not enjoying violet Sleep much , and am really enjoying it. New Conan album is also getting some spins regular. Apart from that I’m not sure I really explored much new metal in 2022 Listened to new porcupine tree allot ...
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    Gibson Takes Down Jericho Guitars

    Suprised Gibson even bother with this shit. Maybe they should spend more time Looking at their own Production
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    Does anyone not care for Boss Katana MKII

    I have a 50 that I use as my house / small Jam amp. I think they are amazing bang for the buck. That said I just run mine on the clean channel with pedals. It can sound good high gain with tweaking, but I couldn’t be bothered. Clean channel is great. And takes Pedals well.
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    Female guitarists on Only Fans. Not sure if it is a good or bad thing....

    If you go down that path than you need to accept it may bite you in other areas. You’ll gain some fans , and you might lose some. Ultimately the masses have as much choice to dislike what you do , as you have the right to do it. It goes both ways. Tl;Dr fuck the haters. Do your thing and...
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    Female guitarists on Only Fans. Not sure if it is a good or bad thing....

    We live in an age where people are empowered to make their own life choices and be themselves. If someone is confident and comfortable enough to use only fans than power to them. I don’t see how that degrades from another part of their life. It’s def an interesting platform. I haven’t used it...
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    What percent of guitar/amp/gear sales are for "metal" vs. other genres?

    Different conversation but i Don’t think metal is anywhere near as divese as it likes to hold itself. You are talking subtleties across most of these mini genres that only someone really Into It would pick up on. There was even a comment on this thread about certain guitars not looking metal...
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    What percent of guitar/amp/gear sales are for "metal" vs. other genres?

    Also does anyone buy a guitar and only play 1 style on it ? I know I don’t. I play everything on all my guitars.
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    What percent of guitar/amp/gear sales are for "metal" vs. other genres?

    If you ask me what’s the most common”metal “ guitar out in the wild I’d probably say les Paul.
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    Bareknuckle pickup decision.

    Horses for courses but I found a c pig Too bass heavy in my 7. I ended up with a cold sweat after trying a bunch.
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    The Boys -- best tv show ?

    Don’t know if it’s best but I like it allot. Haven’t finished s3 yet. So I shall not return to this thread until I do.
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    What’s Your Minimalist Rig?

    Minimalist Am pro 2 strat in e flat straight into boss Katana 50 mk2. Oh , with a clip on tuner. Actually take this to jams often.
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    Movies you've been watching...

    Got around to sitting through the new dr strange movie. May just be the worst movie in the entire franchise. The story , if you call it that , is just an excuse to do a bunch of multiverse shit. Some of those scenes were Cool , but didn’t carry a whole movie. Zombie!! Wtf
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    T.V. shows you've been watching

    Finally got around to finishing peacemaker. I liked it. It got better as it went allong , and they actually explored the characters. Which these days you don’t always feel that they do. Also coming up on the end of a breaking bad re watch. Had only watched the whole thing once when it came...
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    So Porcupine Tree is back...

    Given it a couple spins and I really like it. My album of 2022 so far for sure.
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    Any metal bands you don't get?

    slayer. I just don’t think they are very interesting or good.
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    T.V. shows you've been watching

    Lukes entry in Mando was pretty f'n epic .and I'm a cranky old cynic