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    Anybody experience Work stress and worries ..need advise ?

    Need help and encouragement/advise. Has anybody ever felt invisible when they were young? - in class or group session nobody talks, notices or asks for your opinion about anything - you are the odd one out..not included or invited to any group activity - always alone with your thoughts...
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    Good reasons to buy another guitar?

    thanks. Glad i'm not the only one contemplating buying a new guitar but trying to find a good enough reason to buy one because I do realize this is a rabbit hole that will never end. What's at the end when you buy a bunch of these awesome guitars after 30 years and then you realize hmmm.. i have...
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    Good reasons to buy another guitar?

    If you own 4 guitars already, what's a good reason to buy a new guitar? I need a guitar in a different tuning I need a guitar with single coils or humbuckers I need a guitar that has 7/8/9 strings is it enough to just want to buy a new guitar because it looks awesome?
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    FINALLY an ADA MP-1 VST plugin

    many classic albums were made with this.. what do you think?
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    Depression success stories?

    Thanks. You have given me alot to think about.
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    Depression success stories?

    I was depressed for a good chunk in my teens because i disagreed with all the naysayers that kept telling me - you cant play guitar - you will never be able to make your own music because you lack talent - you cant join a band - you cant listen to that musi - you arent good at playing guitar...
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    Mayones aquila elite 6 ?

    I used to own a duvelle elite 6 the neck wasnt for me. Thinking about getting an Aquila since its more like their take on a strat.
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    Mayones aquila elite 6 ?

    Got it..its a shorter scale at you own an aquila? How is it?
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    Struggling to make my own music

    is he better than this ?
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    Mayones aquila elite 6 ?

    what do you mean? i have a few Suhrs and TAs
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    Mayones aquila elite 6 ?

    Ibanez J custom or Charvel custom shop
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    Mayones aquila elite 6 ?

    How is it compare to Ibanez and Charvel ?
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    Struggling to make my own music

    Trying to get back into recording my own music. This was the last song i wrote and made. I mixed , recorded and produced this song. Made this song during the lockdown when i actually had time to play guitar. Anyway this was my 1st attempt in recording and making music. I dont know any theory...
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    Decrease work stress and anxiety?

    What are things you do to decrease stress and anxiety? Here is what i do - excercise - read a book - talk to a friend I would put drinking on this list but i quit 3 years ago and playing guitar actually gives me stress because i suck so bad on guitar.
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    What tuning and string gauge for 6 string

    What 2 tuning do you use most for 6 strings and what string gauge do you use with that tuning ? I use mostly standard e tuning with 10-46 gauge and drop c with 11-52
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    Whats your guitar routine?

    For those not gigging or playing in bands. What do you do daily/weekly when you play your guitar. What does your routine look like? For me its - warm up my fingers by doing some of the excercises with a metronome from john petrucci rock discipline video for 10min - look up the tab of 2 songs i...
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    Just dropped a new EP. Thoughts?

    best release of 2023!!! solid work all around!
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    What is your custom pickup wiring for a SSH strat?

    Thinking of rewiring my old strat w/the single(neck), single (middle) and humbucker pickup config. with the 5 way switch how would you have the pickups wired? i was thinking 1 - Neck single coil 2- Neck single coil + middle single coil 3- Bridge(parallel)+ middle single coil 4- Bridge in...