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  1. død

    Pedal Board chain order

    Be a cool dude and place your wah and whammy last in the chain.
  2. død

    Suggestions for next build? (Charvel vs LTD vs Warmoth)

    They're awesome, but they get a lot of minus points for not offering roasted maple with their Slapshot or Arcade headstocks.
  3. død

    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    "Big 4 of Black Metal" without Darkthrone, but with Bathory? Unacceptable.
  4. død

    Does anyone else here like heavy metal?

    The amount of people getting butthurt over obvious satire is pretty funny. I like some heavy metal bands, and vastly prefer them over most "modern" metal bands. There’s a grit, rawness and attitude that I find in bands like Enforcer, Skid Row, Toxic Holocaust et al that I have a hard time...
  5. død

    HS pickup config appreciation thread

    I’m very happy with a Black Winter and a Suhr V60LP in my ESP. The BW is beefy, grindy midrange goodness, and the V60 gives me jangly, gritty cleans and bright, gross lead sounds. I also have a ‘10 RG465 that’s pretty close to the 565 spec-wise. Came stock with DiMarzio D-Activators/Air Norton...
  6. død

    HS pickup config appreciation thread

    98 % aesthetics, I rarely ever use the neck pickup except for cleans, which I prefer SCs for anyways. Didn’t bother changing out the pot as we tune to drop A#, I find the extra brightness from the 500K pot doesn’t really hurt. Pic with proper SC
  7. død

    HS pickup config appreciation thread

    H/S is king, I’ve got this, I’ve since replaced the bloated sounding ESP humbucker in the neck with a Suhr V60LP and put a Black Winter in the bridge. Sounds absolutely ridiculous.
  8. død

    New Metallica: Lux Æterna

    Wrong, they didn’t refine their sound ‘till the Re-Load days. Everyone knows this!
  9. død

    New Metallica: Lux Æterna

    Everyone knows that the top 5 Metallica albums are as follows: 1. LuLu 2. St. Anger 3. Re-Load 4. Garage Days Revisited 5. Death Magnetic Those early albums are really overrated, IMO.
  10. død

    Metal on NON metal instruments?

    I play with a keyboardist that’s a trumpet player by day. Dude’s legit the best musician in the band. He doesn’t always pull out the trumpet, but he’s laid down some cool solos on a couple of tracks. Runs it through a pedalboard with fuzz, delay and pitch shifters on it, it gets pretty wild...
  11. død

    Hole on the side of pickup covers

    They’re air holes for the Tone Goblins that live inside your pickups.
  12. død

    Brutal Doom Metal, is there such?

    Brutal doom metal, you say?
  13. død

    SS RAP Suggestions

    City Morgue slaps HARD Lil Darkie’s got some of the sickest beats I’ve ever heard, plus he’s funny as fuck
  14. død


    Vein slaps. Jesus Piece also slaps. Kaonashi also also slaps.
  15. død

    Nita Strauss leaves Alice Cooper

    I normally wouldn’t care who’s Alice Cooper’s new guitar player, but the chance to see peak male form live and in the flesh is making me feel funny feelings
  16. død

    Strat Mods!

    This is the way. HS is life, HS is love.
  17. død

    swollen pickle fuzz

    Do it! RATs are insanely useful tools, they work equally well as not-so-clean boosts when you get tired of your TS9 and full on awesome fuzz.
  18. død

    Anybody heard of RRR guitars?

    Think I got banned three times during the ESP Boards hayday back in '05-'09 or so :lol: Rob makes awesome guitars, even back then, and there were several members on the ESP Boards that got builds from him, Ansley and Drew come to mind. I don't have first hand experience, as RRR builds are...
  19. død

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    It doesn’t look like aged Pelham Blue, either :lol: The Schecter looks Silver with some Blue in the first pic, and a really light minty green in the second pic. Again, both really cool colors, but they’re pretty fucking far away from what they’re trying to achieve here.
  20. død

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    That’s a really nice color, but Pelham Blue? Come on.