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    2023 News ?

    The 2023 PRS lineup is here: Nothing too mind blowing. The new hardtail Dustie Waring CE does look sick and the new 20 watt amp seems interesting. The McCarty 594s are coming to the SE lineup, which I think that was being speculated...
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    2023 News ?

    Schecter announced these a few days ago. The multiscale sevens look pretty slick.
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    Ibanez 2023 Models ! What would you like to see ?

    More options on the AZS. Love the idea of a super tele but it'd be nice to see a few more color and pickup options. It'd also be nice to see a few in the Premium line as well.
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    ESP 2023

    Odd they haven't sent any sneak preview emails for the new line up. This time last year they had already teased two new models. I wonder if supply shortages for the 2022 guitars might be impacting 2023 plans.
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    ESP Arrow haters - Talk me out of getting one

    Coincidentally, Simon Sludge just got a custom made baritone Arrow recently that looks straight out of the black metal line up. Not a fan of the Arrows personally but it looks sick.
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    Rare Ibanez Thread

    Not sure of the exact model number but here's my Korean made SA .