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  1. sleewell

    Why are you happy right now?

    playing a show tonight that we werent planning on. got asked by the venue last night after a band cancelled. should be fun.
  2. sleewell

    Live Gear Backups. What Do You Use?

    i spit out some coffee just now, hahahahhaa.
  3. sleewell

    Live Gear Backups. What Do You Use?

    2 guitars can go direct with my helix if my 5153 fails. can go straight into my 5153 if my helix fails. i also bring a quilter tone block 200 and boss ds-1 as more backup options.
  4. sleewell

    Why have Dean guitars seemed to have fallen so far out of the spotlight?

    looking at the current dean lineup like: and then you get to this one for $3,449:
  5. sleewell

    Why have Dean guitars seemed to have fallen so far out of the spotlight?

    guitar brand embraces the flag of a few states who wanted to violently form their own country so that they could own people and (maybe this is worse) they also insist on using the most offensive looking headstock known to man. also that guitar brand: hey why don't you guys like us?
  6. sleewell

    Why have Dean guitars seemed to have fallen so far out of the spotlight?

    Lol have you looked at them?
  7. sleewell

    Is there a Kelly Blue Book or something for guitars? It's hard to settle on what to sell guitars for!

    Think about being the buyer. How much off brand new does it make sense to buy used? Most people as a seller just think about how they should get almost everything back when in reality at that point as a buyer it just makes more sense to buy a new one. Most retailers will give you 5 to 10%...
  8. sleewell

    What are you listening to?

    her voice.....❤️
  9. sleewell

    I'm more attracted to guitars that look like they've been around the block

    agree. i dont really like relic'd that much, but if its actual wear from use over the years that is super hot. cabs too. they sound better when they look like they have stories to tell.
  10. sleewell

    Economics of Touring Metal Bands

    merch cuts by venues is so dumb. i would sell merch outside before and after the show like they do at phish and dead lots. shakedown streets are awesome.
  11. sleewell

    Promoting live shows: What works, and what doesn't?

    I feel like mainly posting online is pretty lame and doesn't work. Everyone just scrolls past it. I think you really gotta try to connect with people, actually have fun with them when they come out. Buy someone a drink or I always have super good ganja to share. Invite them personally. Give...
  12. sleewell

    Heads up for Reverb (Etsy) sellers; they're having issues sending payments out

    great job etsy lol. whats the point of listing something for sale if you wont get the money. <CME slids into the dms with a stupid low ball offer to buy it back>
  13. sleewell

    Dealbreakers. What are yours?

    abalone not really into active pickups at the moment but have been in the past. subject to change lol. I probably shouldn't buy any more sig guitars
  14. sleewell

    Any Brits here?

  15. sleewell

    <insert outrageous clickbait title here> new single from my band Dropped at Birth

    thanks a lot!!!!!! very excited about this project, going back to the same studio in about a month so will have more to share soon.