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  1. pondman

    Multi scale Telecaster?

    This one works for me.
  2. pondman

    The Queen is dead.

    This has got to be the most toxic thread I've ever seen on this forum. A 96 year year old women died last week. The longest reigning monarch in history and a world wide respected queen. She never put a foot wrong and served her duty with the greatest respect for this country. What he hell...
  3. pondman

    Does anyone else catalog their gear?

    I wish I did , I haven't a clue how many and what guitar's I have.
  4. pondman

    Is this Gibson Flying V legit?

    It came from ebay after a few bottles of wine. It was an obvious basket case when I opened the package - unplayable with tin can pickups etc.
  5. pondman

    Is this Gibson Flying V legit?

    I've got one of these somewhere , it looks just like yours but in white. I found mine to be a fake and fixed the usual shit up. Who knows ?
  6. pondman

    Best Image Hosting Sites For This Forum...

    I've been using this free site lately.
  7. pondman

    How does the Ibanez Pia compare to the Jem

    The biggest problem with the Pia for me is that I don't have the green one .
  8. pondman

    NBD(also new kitten day) Ibanez EHB1006MS

    Very nice. More pics of the kitty please.
  9. pondman

    Who's Been Drinkin'?

    Yes. Down side is, it gives me disturbing dreams.
  10. pondman

    Who's Been Drinkin'?

    Hard day today... 2nd bottle of Yellow Tale chardonnay going down the hatch :drew:
  11. pondman

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Hopefully this.
  12. pondman

    Unhealthy to Skip lunch?

    8 weeks ago I had a routine medical and was shocked to find I weighed 110 kg :ugh: I went onto a diet instantly , eating just twice a day. I've lost 17 k already and feel fine. If you want to skip dinner, go ahead. It wont kill you. BTW I stopped eating meat 14 months ago and that helps.
  13. pondman

    Comment by 'pondman' in album 'Zirocaster.'

  14. pondman

    Who Love’s Tele Style 7’s?

    I love Tele 7's.
  15. pondman

    Will Russia invade Ukraine again? (Yes, yes they did)

    They have nothing left in the tank to start an attack anywhere else. No moral, no money and no idea makes dads army a complete joke.
  16. pondman

    Will Russia invade Ukraine again? (Yes, yes they did)

    TBH does Russia know or have clue WTF they are now trying to achieve. This is one hell of a pear shaped war.
  17. pondman

    high levels of craigslist venom :/

    No probs on CL, but a couple of years ago I had a Russian guy on FB asking me to build him a guitar. When I explained that I only build for myself he threatened to kill me if I didn't comply :lol: I wound him up for a few days before he disappeared .
  18. pondman

    Will Russia invade Ukraine again? (Yes, yes they did)

    He's killing himself, every time he opens his dumb mouth with the same old threats. He's totally fucked up with this idiotic attack /war with the. Ukraine and he knows it. He's finished no matter what.
  19. pondman

    NGD: It's an LP and what an LP

    That's an absolute stunner ! Congrats.