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  1. Shannon

    Holy Friedman!

    I have the PT-20 arriving on Wednesday, which is supposed to be the 20w little brother of the BE-100. Can't wait.
  2. Shannon

    Friedman coming my way...

    So, I sold off my beloved EVH 5150III 50w. While it's still one of my favorite amps, my gas for a Friedman PT-20 has reached epic proportions & it was time to act. Given that I spent 95% of my time on Ch2 (the brown sound) of the 5150III, I really enjoyed the responsiveness of a great, singular...
  3. Shannon

    NGD: 2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus

    For every gigging musician, you have your "go to" show guitars & the ones that gather dust at the house. I recently moved to a much smaller house & with that, my music room is about half the size of my old room. So, it was time to clear out some of the dust gatherers & put that cash towards a...
  4. Shannon

    NGD - Carvin Bolt Classic

    Looks beautiful! I'm very close to order a Carvin Bolt as well. The only thing comparable, that I see, is a Charvel So-Cal.
  5. Shannon

    Overdrive with foot switchable gain?

    I use an xotic ep booster at its minimum setting in front of my 5150iii mini on ch2. That pedal is the magic sauce.
  6. Shannon

    Seven-string guitar with high fret access

    Exactly. As an owner of this guitar, The fret access is unparalleled. Fantastic guitar.
  7. Shannon

    BC Rich owners club!!!!

    Here's my BC Rich Gunslinger sweatshop special. Got it used for $250. Once I set it up and slapped in a Dimarzio Evolution, this sucker is an absolute beast. Behind it is my Washburn PXS297FR. A 7-string, 29 fret lord of all things excessive. :lol:
  8. Shannon

    Peavey 6505 20w amp?! Yup...

    I just pre-ordered mine at sweetwater.
  9. Shannon

    PRS SE Custom 24 7 - Opinions

    I own two. 1. Vintage sunburst modified with a Floyd Rose, Schaller locking tuners and SD pickups 2. Royal Blue stock Zero tuning or intonation issues. These guitars are simply phenomenal.
  10. Shannon

    NGD: Washburn PXS297FRB 29 fret 7-string

    It is! No one? That's a pretty generic statement. It may just be in your area. There are plenty who enjoy rock & all of its over the top showmanship. Dude, I'm busy as hell & that band is a blast. With that said, Seattle is quite the music town. It's based off the EC-series 29 & 36 fret...
  11. Shannon

    NGD: Washburn PXS297FRB 29 fret 7-string

    Thank you! Sweetwater's payment plan made that decision easy for me. :lol: Now, I really want the 6-string version as well.
  12. Shannon

    NGD: Washburn PXS297FRB 29 fret 7-string

    I looooooove this guitar.
  13. Shannon

    NGD: Washburn PXS297FRB 29 fret 7-string

    Yeah, I prefer brighter colored guitars, but what the heck, it has all the primary features. Maybe I'll have it refinished one day. The neck pickup, given its positioning, does sound like a typical neck pup on 22-24 fret fiddles. As expected, it's like a mix of a neck/middle sound. Still...
  14. Shannon

    NGD: Washburn PXS297FRB 29 fret 7-string

    Looks, plays, feel, IS awesome. :)
  15. Shannon

    NGD: Washburn PXS297FRB 29 fret 7-string

    Indonesia My bridge plate is stamped "Special," but mine doesn't have the crappy zinc alloy sustain block found on the Specials. Instead, it has the nickel plated brass block found on the 1000/Pro models. So, a hybrid? Either way, it's REALLY nice. The really are. Totally recommended.
  16. Shannon

    NGD Ibanez Apex100

    Love these. Oh yes, I will own one.
  17. Shannon

    NGD: Washburn PXS297FRB 29 fret 7-string

    With the Stevens extended cutaway, it is absolutely effortless to get all the way up.
  18. Shannon

    NGD: Washburn PXS297FRB 29 fret 7-string

    And pics of gig night.'s an 80s gig. :)
  19. Shannon

    NGD: Washburn PXS297FRB 29 fret 7-string

    Flashback over 20 years ago, I fell in love with my old guitarist's Washburn EC36. I have been obsessing over those since. In 1997, 7-strings became my primary instrument. Since, I've always said that if Washburn ever made an EC style guitar (i.e. 29 or 36 frets with the Stephens Extended...

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