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  1. Heretick

    tattoo thread

    I'm officially an Naoto Shirogane stan for life now Few months healed, I got in in October
  2. Heretick

    [NGD] A Very Merry "X"Mas Jackson!

    When I was 19, I fell in love with Death. Err, the band, not the concept. ANYWAY, I LOVED Chuck's Stealth. My life up until that point had been filled with S-types and superstrats of all sorts, an Epi Les Paul, and one cheap RR Jackson V that unfortunately wasn't very good. I still love Strats...
  3. Heretick

    New Metallica: Lux Æterna

    The riff and whole vibe of the song honestly just sorta reminds me of Megadeth's High Speed Dirt. Which, despite the fact that I liked that song back when I was a teenager and still into Megadeth, I wouldn't exactly qualify that as a compliment. And I've been out of the Metallica game far longer...
  4. Heretick

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    The longer you look at it, the worse it gets. Like, I guess both pickups are always on? There's certainly no selector switch. Also, unless I'm just seeing things wrong, I'm fairly certain the bridge is just the baseplate with the strings fed though it- I'm not seeing any saddles there. Like...
  5. Heretick

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    "Peavey Raptor Custom SSS" Oh, okay
  6. Heretick

    Aristides Guitars

    So I'm pretty good to my guitars in general and don't really play super hard (physically), but I've had two of these on guitars for about two years now, and they've held up REALLY well. No signs of trying to peel up AT ALL and absolutely no wear on the graphics. One of them is my main/favorite...
  7. Heretick

    Strat Mods!

    Ah yeah, that's a sticker/ fretboard cover thing made by a company called Neck Illusions. Heavy duty and pretty good quality. I have them on two guitars and I'm happy with 'em. They have a TON of designs.
  8. Heretick

    Strat Mods!

    Thank you! I hadn't noticed, but the angle of that picture does make the neck look thin! It's original, though, along with the body and nut. Very vintage-spec'd guitar originally, but it played so well and was so inspiring, I just had to forge it into a metal machine!
  9. Heretick

    Strat Mods!

    Here's my '96, heavily modified Mexican Squier Strat. I'm also a huge fan of HS configuration, but I love HSS as well. The only issue I have is with pot values when you're mixing humbuckers and singles. Humbuckers want 500k, singles want 250k, in general. You can always opt for a brighter...
  10. Heretick

    Your main guitar

    My heavily modified Mexican Squier. The original pickguard assembly checklist dates it as March of '96, making it roughly a year younger than me. Bought it when I was 16 for $200. Was just sort of my stereotypical strat for a while, but there was just so much magic in the way it played that I...
  11. Heretick

    What’s your current fav tuning?

    D Standard. I think hearing Death for the first time when I was 19 permanently re-wired my brain, and I have 12- yes, TWELVE- guitars in D. I also have 4 more vintage-y spec'd guitars in standard, and a single guitar in Eb currently.
  12. Heretick

    Top Gun is #1 movie in the country, there's new Star Wars and we're in a proxy war with Russia...

    Little 80's Memphis piece I picked up at a thrift store for $35 the other day. Ridiculous good fun to play after a much-needed neck shim. Plan on slamming a Guitar Madness X2N clone in her and turning it into a Death machine
  13. Heretick

    Blind Guardian watched Evangelion (oh and is releasing a new album)

    I'm INCREDIBLY excited for this. I love the direction modern Guardian has been going in (Beyond the Red Mirror, despite its flaws, is genuinely my favorite album EVER) and I keep saying that if Blind Guardian manages to keep up the pace and release even just one more great album, they'll likely...
  14. Heretick

    I always figured he would be a tool, kinda like Yngwei

    I met MAB twice at a local guitar store for Dean sponsored guitar clinics in the mid 2010s. Super entertaining shows and extremely nice dude. He really just loves guitars and playing, and his enthusiasm is VERY contagious
  15. Heretick

    Unhealthy to Skip lunch?

    One meal gang rise up
  16. Heretick

    NGD: Ronciswall Vapor 7 (Vapor Run 2021)

    Absolutely stunning guitar, happy NGD!
  17. Heretick

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    I was looking at pickups today and it hit me how stupid/funny the word "Seymourized" is
  18. Heretick

    Need opinions - my 2nd guitarist won't use any other amp than...

    My opinion? Buy more Crate GX-1200Hs. He plays through a Crate GX-1200H, you play through a Crate GX-1200H. The bassist? Crate GX-1200H. Where do you plug in the mic for a vocalist? Crate GX-1200H. Put the drummer in a soundproof cube and mic the drums up. What are those mics feeding into, you...
  19. Heretick

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    The mighty Guitouch. Gouch? Gofa?? The man certainly has an aesthetic
  20. Heretick

    Your favourite guitar solos

    Just another person confirming that Tornado of Souls rules! I'd also say: -Pretty much any of Andy LaRocque's solos from Death's Individual Thought Patterns -Chuck Schuldiner's solo on the Death song Without Judgement -A lot of Adrian Smith's solos in Iron Maiden. I've been particularly digging...