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  1. Furtive Glance

    Why are you happy right now?

    Had my last day at my stressful af job. Now 1.5 weeks to relocate and take on another... probably just-as-stressful job, but for 50%+ more money.
  2. Furtive Glance

    buying gold bullion

    Kitco is pretty much the favored dealer from what I've heard through various colleagues. They source all theirs direct from Mints around the world.
  3. Furtive Glance

    What are you listening to?

    Plini - Handmade Cities
  4. Furtive Glance

    Game to Movie

    The proper Halo movie that was rumoured forever ago with Peter Jackson etc... Fuck that recent series they made.
  5. Furtive Glance

    Some memes for (Rules Posted in OP -- Please Read)

    Big fan of how the Punk Rock MBA guy on YouTube calls the singer Mr. Trapt and now it’s the only way I can refer to him.
  6. Furtive Glance

    It's the annual "What gear came in and what gear went" thread... 2022!

    Just bought the Eclipse and strings. Sold my Boss DD-20.
  7. Furtive Glance

    Ugliest guitar finishes

    It looks like a moldy Jawbreaker.
  8. Furtive Glance

    Books you've been reading/listening to

    I'm reading through all the Halo novels #nerd. I own a good portion of them and am slowly building up so I have the good ones (IMO) in my possession. The Kilo-5 trilogy could stand alone as a sci-fi series - it's fantastic.
  9. Furtive Glance

    What's the best RGD?

    I could make a thread in the beginner section, but how do the necks compare between a 7621 and the RGD3127? My hands didn’t like the first 4-5 frets on the 7621 but that white RGD is mighty fine-looking...
  10. Furtive Glance

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    It was just smooth natural peanut butter. Not any particular brand name. I honestly didn’t notice any adverse effects for that two week span. I consider it my super power now. Maybe because I still had normal meals throughout the day. But no, I ain’t ever doing it again. Ha.
  11. Furtive Glance

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    My personal disgusting food record is a 10lb bucket of peanut butter polished off in 12 days. On top of other meals. Just raw dogging it with a spoon. 28,000 calories.
  12. Furtive Glance

    Ugliest guitar finishes

    They sold them all! 21 of them!
  13. Furtive Glance

    Ugliest guitar finishes

    Ten. Thousand. Dollars. for the NOMAC. :barf:
  14. Furtive Glance

    The First World Problem Thread...Voice Your Struggle

    My company doesn’t do Christmas parties, but they sent out an email to a fairly big email list for a potluck at the town office. Doesn’t do me much good though because I’m a mine site peon. I told my colleagues in town to steal me a bunch of baked goods.
  15. Furtive Glance

    Ugliest guitar finishes

    I always hated sunburst finishes in general.
  16. Furtive Glance

    Some memes for (Rules Posted in OP -- Please Read)

    I fucked up when asking a supplier for some parts today and you guys get the shitty result as the worst music-adjacent meme you'll see this week!
  17. Furtive Glance

    What's your traditional Christmas movie or TV favourites?

    Futurama - Xmas Story for me, lulz.
  18. Furtive Glance

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    Feline Treeline No. 5
  19. Furtive Glance

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Grabbed a capo and some strings for my Eclipse with my D'Addario points.