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  1. TheWarAgainstTime

    “Swing and a miss” albums

    +1 to Northlane, ADTR, and HLH Parkway Drive - Atlas and everything after. I still personally like those albums, but they really did a dive headfirst into the "crowd chant-along arena rock" pool and mostly lost the original spirit of what made the previous albums so great. Thornhill -...
  2. TheWarAgainstTime

    "brutal" highgain 1 channel amps? (or minimal 2 ch?)

    In addition to those already mentioned: Peavey 5150 Bogner Überschall Twin Jet Splawn Nitro/Quickrod Super Sport
  3. TheWarAgainstTime

    NCD: VHT 4x12 with eminence p50s

    Nice grab! I've got a pair of FB412 cabs and nothing else sounds quite like them :metal:
  4. TheWarAgainstTime

    Power supply for 8 plus pedals? Strymon, Trutone, Walrus?

    Any of the options mentioned would work fine as long as they meet the current draw requirements of your pedals. For what it's worth, I currently own two CS12s and they have no problem powering a bunch of high current digital pedals and my GCX rack unit from the AC output.
  5. TheWarAgainstTime

    NAD: ANOTHER 5153? Dude, seriously?

    Dang, and here I thought my old 6505 2x12 combo was a beast at *only* 85 lbs :lol:
  6. TheWarAgainstTime

    Trouble with noisy Peavey 6506+ and/or current gear!

    Where in the signal chain are you using the Decimator? If it's in the loop of the amp, it will do a good job of cutting down the inherent hiss of the amp, but won't be very effective at preventing feedback or help you do fast stop/start riffs. If it's the first thing in your chain, it will do...
  7. TheWarAgainstTime

    Playing guitar standing instead of sitting

    I mostly play guitar standing up, but I'll sit down when I'm learning something new or recording. I also play in classical position when I sit and wear my strap somewhat high when I stand, so there's not a huge difference in feeling when I switch between the two.
  8. TheWarAgainstTime

    Did Air Norton 7’s Come with Metal Baseplates?

    The bobbins/slugs/screws look like any other Dimarzio pickup to me :shrug: my best guess is the previous owner installed a generic baseplate at the same time as putting on the quick connect adapter. If the adapter needed to be grounded to the baseplate, then the original plastic one wouldn't...
  9. TheWarAgainstTime

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    One of my old bandmates had a Nova Repeater and he liked it a lot for leads :yesway: his only beef with it was that he had to use a separate wall wart power supply for it, but I think that was just because his existing power supply didn't have a high current output for it.
  10. TheWarAgainstTime

    Your Albums of 2022 (So Far)

    I'll narrow it down to a top 5 since we're already somewhat into 2023: 1. Meshuggah - Immutable 2. Fit For An Autopsy - Oh, What The Future Holds 3. Spite - Dedication To Flesh 4. Parkway Drive - Darker Still 5. Fit For A King - The Hell We Create Honestly, there are a handful of albums...
  11. TheWarAgainstTime

    looking for a pickup which sounds like jb but has higher output and better chug

    If memory serves, the Distortion uses a double-thick ceramic magnet to give it more output. I once swapped out the A5 magnet in a JB to a regular thickness ceramic, which the Duncan forum calls a "Distortion Lite" since it's somewhere in between a stock JB and Distortion. More output and better...
  12. TheWarAgainstTime

    To those that have moved on from a Tube amp to a SS/modeling rig.

    If you already have an interface and monitors for recording, it's definitely worth trying amp sims again before throwing down extra cash for a separate modeler unit. Try out some of the free demos for Neural DSP and Helix Native. Neural are great for simple signal chains with a logical user...
  13. TheWarAgainstTime

    Post your childhood guitar rig

    My first setup was an Ibanez RG5EX1 through a 15w Fender Frontman DSP. I bought the guitar brand new after a bit of saving up and my dad got the amp for me for Christmas that year. My older brother played guitar too, so there was already a practice amp around for me to learn on before I got one...
  14. TheWarAgainstTime

    Microphonic pickup?

    Double check all the wiring connections just to be sure, but it sounds to me like it's probably microphonic. If you like the tone and aesthetic of the pickup, it's well worth it to pick up a block of paraffin wax and try your hand at potting it yourself. There are plenty of good tutorials...
  15. TheWarAgainstTime

    Boss GE-7 or MXR 6 Band?

    I would go with the GE-7. The level control alone is worth it to get the overall volume of the amp where you want it, plus the 6.4k slider is handy if the Depth Finder clone has its presence frequency in a different area :2c:
  16. TheWarAgainstTime

    Good stool?

    I use a Roc-N-Soc hydraulic drum throne with the bicycle-shaped seat, then a small plastic folding stool for a footrest. Not the most elegant solution, but it works great and the drum throne is a lot more comfortable than most "real" stools and chairs I've tried :yesway: they make a version with...
  17. TheWarAgainstTime

    Seven string into my EVH, what boost y'all recommend

    If it's only going to be for the lower-tuned guitar, then I would lean more towards an EQ or clean boost with a low cut control to keep the overall character consistent. Check out the Friedman Buxom Boost :yesway: it's a totally clean boost with an adjustable low cut filter and a separate...
  18. TheWarAgainstTime

    Max string gauge lopro edge 7

    I've gone as high as a 74 in my 7620. An 80 seems reasonable, but I can't say for sure if it would fit
  19. TheWarAgainstTime

    VHT/Fryette Pitbull

    I love my Fifty/CL :metal: pair it with your boost of choice and it can get a huge range of metal tones. It's a dry and articulate amp, but it doesn't have an extreme amount of gain like a 5150 or anything. Try both channels for heavy tones too, not just the red.
  20. TheWarAgainstTime

    Which one of these pickups? Help, please

    I've had the Black Winter set and Nazgul/Sentient in the same guitar and the BW definitely had a bit more output and bottom end/lower mids than the Nazgul. They were similar overall and both had good clarity, though. Here's an old clip I have comparing them: Black Winter is first for each...