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  1. guitareben

    This seems ridiculously cheap?

    Your email is there (top left) :O Take the pic down! D:
  2. guitareben

    Can you suggest a safe reliable spyware remover?

    +1 Malwarebytes , I had some dodgy malware once, that was the only thing that could get rid of it. Spybot is great too, and I use Avast for my Antivirus (which you can put in gaming mode so it doesn't tell you every time it updates)
  3. guitareben

    Rate what the above user is listening to!

    So it's quite generic and unoriginal... but sweet damn, that was heavy :O So .... it, I enjoyed it! XD 6/10 , enjoyable, and well done, but nothing original.
  4. guitareben

    Developing A Masterful Ear

    Make sure you can sing what you can play... and then just learn loads of stuff by ear.
  5. guitareben

    Am I the only person that hates Strats?

    I used to hate strats, back in the day :) (like, 2 - 3 years ago) But then my music taste expanded beyond just metal and shred, and I realised they're fantastic instruments :P . They're so versatile (unless you want to play metal) and they have wonderful tone. Not to mention, they're...
  6. guitareben

    Recommend me some awesome PC games!

    I don't really play that much computer games now (Music is priority!! :D And the most fun) BUT, here are some games I love: Portal 1 and 2 (This is a must) <<<< Puzzle, but funny and classic Half Life 2 and Episode 1 and 2 <<< FPS One of my most played games is...
  7. guitareben

    Sweet Mother Of Moby Dick

    "I think I should just be given free money" Please tell me this is a troll D:
  8. guitareben

    Elite violinists cannot distinguis Stradivari from new violins

    Here you go!! (or are you talking about "Maple sounds like X, Mahogany sounds like Y etc?" ) Edit: Why isn't the video doing the thing... D: Edit 2 : Looks like I'm a bit late... I should have read the thread first.
  9. guitareben

    The under twenty club!

    As of today I just left the under twenty club. Goodbye all!!!
  10. guitareben

    Answer me a few questions...

    Done, but I couldn't answer the last question, because I don't know. I'm sorry :(
  11. guitareben

    Favourite 5 guitarists?

    Steve Vai Guthrie Govan George Benson Joe Pass Stevie Ray Vaughan Honorable mentions: Robben Ford Brent Mason Pat Metheny
  12. guitareben

    Essential Jazz for n00bs: Gimme.

    Other guys gave some good recommendations, stuff like "Kind Of Blue" (Miles Davis), "Giant Steps" (Coltrane) were some of the first jazz records I ever listened too. You might want to check out Joe Pass, he's one of my all time favorite guitarists, and again one of the first jazz musicians I...
  13. guitareben

    Fusion rock artists?

    Here, some classic fusion: Lot to go with here, but utterly fantastic stuff.
  14. guitareben

    Who inspired you to pick up an instrument

    Guitar Hero II !!!
  15. guitareben

    I dare you to find strings for this

    So I did some basic maths - So that note is somewhere around 1.81×10^-15 Hz ... That means it completes one full oscillation roughly every 5.5× 10^14 seconds, or every 17.4 million years. Crazy XD
  16. guitareben

    Animals As Leaders MEGATHREAD

    I think Lippincot is great! I can't wait for the new album!
  17. guitareben

    Is it a stupid idea to pay someone to record my music?

    Copyright starts automatically and belongs to the writeer as soon as the song is written and put into some recorded form - either on tape or in a score. So just put the guitar pro's up on soundcloud, and then you have proof. This means that you will then own the copyright for the composition...
  18. guitareben

    Animals As Leaders MEGATHREAD

    I'm psyched for the new album... always good fun to see what cool ideas Tosin comes up with :D Also, it seems every time I listen to "Tooth and Claw" I like it more!

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