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  1. Church2224

    Schecter John Browne signature?

    I will preach the word of Schecter USAs until the day I die. We most spread the word!
  2. Church2224

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Good then I am all over it Indi guitars are more misses than hits in my experience
  3. Church2224

    Dean VMNT Opinions - Korean Model

    Facebook marketplace has become my new addiction, especially for used guitars at great prices. I found a dean VMNT used in mint condition for a steal and am probably gonna go grab it. I just wanted to know what peoples thoughts were on these. I know there is a certain Stigma on Dean guitars with...
  4. Church2224

    Why are piano players so nerdy?

    I play piano but my main instrument is guitar.... I prefer the term "Renaissance Man" not nerd thank you very much
  5. Church2224

    Happy new year guys and galls

    Happy New Years Guys My new year's resolutions are the following : - Continue Going to the Gym and do it more often - Stop drinking all together. I have cut back a lot but stopping all together is ideal - Go out and date more. I need to get back out there - Pay off all of my bad debt - Spend...
  6. Church2224

    Kiesel Aries 9 String

    So I have 6, 7, and 8 strings and I am looking into getting a 9 string.... I have commented about this guitar in the Kiesel Guitars thread however I want the opinion of our Extended Range guys on these instruments. I am looking at putting a deposit on one and seeing who has experience with...
  7. Church2224

    NGD: Ibanez S6521Q

    My co guitarist has one of those bad boys. Awesome guitar ! I want one so bad... Congrats man!
  8. Church2224

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    This is what I am looking to build -
  9. Church2224

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    I can deal with the 29 inch scale. I want a 9 to experiment with but want something at least decently built
  10. Church2224

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    Yeah that's what it said on the site. My go to custom shops are Schecter USA, ESP USA And and Suhr. But non offer a 9 string option and most 9 strings I see are on the "cheaper" side of things. I don't want a Decked out one from Kiesel to keep them from not messing too much. Any other Input...
  11. Church2224

    2023 News ?

    I just want companies to get the guitars they have already and catch up on production. We don't need new models just have them catch up on the work they have.
  12. Church2224

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    So it's been a while since I looked into Kiesel but I am really tempted to put a deposit on an Aries 9 string as something to experiment with. Nothing too fancy just one with a maple board and in Kiesel racing green, alder body, scene piece neck for stability. Would it be worth it? My only...
  13. Church2224

    Ibanez 2023 Models ! What would you like to see ?

    More S Prestiges including 7 and 8 strings again but that is a pipe dream. I should have gotten them when I had a chance
  14. Church2224

    Jackson American Series

    I remember a time when I got a USA Select SL2H with sloppy glue around the frets and various finish flaws. I sent it back for another one and that one had issues with little chips of ebony out of the fretboard and other finish flaws. I later order a B7 Deluxe and that had a crack in the ebony...
  15. Church2224

    Who's Been Drinkin'?

    I have quit drinking for the most part but I am enjoying some christmas beers from a local brewery called Hardywood. These taste like Christmas in the bottle...
  16. Church2224

    Jackson American Series

    This is why I am excited about this new American series. The USA Selects and Custom shop stuff has been so hit and miss and some of the issues they have had made some of the guitars almost unplayable. These on the whole have been pretty consistent quality which is great.
  17. Church2224

    Mustaine left Dean and went to Gibson/Epiphone/Kramer

    Ok that I am interested in..... Also, is that a USA made Kramer Superstrat in the background? A sign of things to come???
  18. Church2224

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    Hey everyone, I apologize for the delayed responses. I appreciate the input. Since this I have started seeing my therapist and she helped me put a lot into perspective. Mainly how she has issues of her own and how I did treat her really well, I mean, REALLY well. I was no saint, but I visited...
  19. Church2224

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    If all of those are Korean Made Schecters I am all about that life
  20. Church2224

    ESP 2023

    Hopefully no new MIJ E IIs until they catch up one production. Also I hope they don't chance the line up until I get all the ones I want lol