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  1. JP Universe

    Meshuggah Megamushthread!!

    Favourite riffs at these minute points on the album. Yeah I know i’m missing a bunch but hey… can you blame me. Relentless!!!! 3, 9:45, 12:30, 18, 33, 40, 51
  2. JP Universe

    Meshuggah Megamushthread!!

    Album is massive Just trying to absorb all the huge riffs :)
  3. JP Universe

    New animals as leaders

    Song and video are both amazing! Very intense Getting I Am Legend vibes…
  4. JP Universe

    Albums most people love but you think are abhorrent.

    ITT Trying to be as edgy as possible with your hot takes :lol: (my attempt) Audioslave - Always biting my tongue when people are raving. (RATM and SG are 2 of my faves)
  5. JP Universe

    NGD - Daemoness Cimmerian

    Over simplification on my part Go custom - Anderson etc Dont go custom Dont go custom Dont go custom Dont go custom Dont go custom Dont go custom Dont go custom Dont go custom Dont go custom 9/10 you’re Fd
  6. JP Universe

    NGD - Daemoness Cimmerian

    Couple hours reading....Custom guitars? Nothings changed. I been out of the game for years :lol: It is what it is. Seriously, Its just so risky that 90% of the time it goes wrong and at best you get something in 3 years that is ok. Anyone outside of our bubble would think it’s ridiculous. Even...
  7. JP Universe

    New Steve Vai song

    Nice new technique and some Vai’isms Liked it
  8. JP Universe

    Rich from Ibanez rules silver treatment

    Ignore the shortness in his communication and go for it Rich is A+++ with this stuff
  9. JP Universe

    Ormsby guitar value

    Yeah the edit threw me off. That price point is where i’m digging around
  10. JP Universe

    Rebuilding Collection and Struggling to Decide

    Ibanez2127 think you nailed It. Get a good price on that :)
  11. JP Universe

    Help For Deciding on New Guitar

    Can’t go wrong with PRS that’s a fact too, not an opinion ;)
  12. JP Universe

    Passive pickup suggestions for basswood

    EQ pedal, otherwise heaps of Dimarzio pups work for me. Particularly the TZAir Norton. Just perfection for BW
  13. JP Universe

    How to fix poor timing?

    Metronome , better be mentioned 100000 times before my response. Paid 80AUD for my korg, kids pay nothing. Best 80AUD i ever spent
  14. JP Universe

    Help For Deciding on New Guitar

    Get something that looks cool... rock? Worst advice or the best you will get. Grab a Yamaha Pacifica or a Fender squire
  15. JP Universe

    Ormsby guitar value

    Hi guys, back into the guitar game and double checking prices before jumping in. Thought a couple Ormsby at 1-2k based on last results seemed interesting (low?) used to have a high end ormsby and might jump in back to an OT?
  16. JP Universe

    Best/useful phone apps for a musician ??

    Guitar Tuna - Guitar tuning, Metronome and chord finder in one for free. Unreal
  17. JP Universe

    Would You Buy The Same Guitar Model Twice?

    No way, I’m not buying the same model Well... I’d buy another Ibanez And yeah, I guess I would get the 570 variant for the rosewood board Of course, I would scoop up that deal on the DY as my RFR is getting older And... I need the original edge on that one. Ooooo!!! A reissue, yep I’ll take...
  18. JP Universe

    The Tesseract Megathread: Sonder Released

    Bumping for being perfection live
  19. JP Universe

    NGD - Jackson CS

    Perfect!! If it plays anything like your main guy I bet it slays