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    Yeah those are the cool things only Fractal can do. The pitch follower is really cool to apply to 8-string guitars where it tightens the tone on low strings by cutting bass and increasing treble, then sweetens it on higher notes.
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    To those that have moved on from a Tube amp to a SS/modeling rig.

    I remembered wrong. This is a quote from Celestion's article which doesn't work right now due to some server issues they seem to have. Play for at least an hour, using lots of open chords, and chunky percussive playing. This will get the cone moving, and should excite all the cone modes and get...
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    Tonex New Hardware Pedal

    You would need the loadbox with the QC or Kemper as well. I would expect most people to own a half-decent computer but then again I'm old enough that I don't consider a tablet or smartphone my primary computing device. Majority of Kemper or QC owners are not capturing their own amps so owning...
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    To those that have moved on from a Tube amp to a SS/modeling rig.

    The Axe-Fx, or most modelers really, are not an amp and a cab in a digital box. They are a whole studio signal chain. If you were invited to some famous recording studio and left to figure out how to record your guitar, would you know what to do with all the mixing consoles, mic preamps, mics...
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    To those that have moved on from a Tube amp to a SS/modeling rig.

    Celestion just says to play loud and clean with plenty of low end for something like 15-30 minutes. That does most of the breaking in the speakers. It very much depends on how quiet you are playing but no guitar gear sounds great really quiet. You could hook up the best attenuator etc but the...
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    The Tonex user thread

    I finally gave the ToneX app a try now that the ToneX pedal seems to be happening. The app is poor in terms of UI design (low on info of models/cabs, terrible sorting, poor layout) but you can work with it. The following is based purely on what IK offers in the free version or as tryouts...
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    Power supply for 8 plus pedals? Strymon, Trutone, Walrus?

    CIOKS DC7. Compact, flexible, powerful. The website is terrible so don't mistake it for the older DC8 etc.
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    Tonex New Hardware Pedal

    Too bad the image is so low res that you can't see the controls. I expected that they would do one in the X-Drive etc format. Might be interested in adding this to my board, depends on its other features.
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    Are there any really good neo or lightweight speakers?

    For reference, just making a chassis out of lighter wood might help enough. I turned the Bogner GF45 SL combo I had, which weighs as much as a Fender Twin, into a head. I made the headshell out of paulownia, an easy to shape, very lightweight wood. The headshell I made was almost 5 kg less...
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    Fractal FM3 (or Axe FX users in general) Question

    Yeah it has some integration with the Fractals nowadays. I've got a FC12 and it's a nice box that is really hard to recommend due to its high price. I bought mine used for a fair price but new, it costs almost as much as a Helix LT in Europe.
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    Fractal FM3 (or Axe FX users in general) Question

    Yeah the hold function on delay/reverb would be easiest but you could also see if you can figure out a good solution by using the looper block.
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    what is the place to ask about an effector circuit?

    Reddit's r/diypedals would be the best place but if your question is vague, too all-encompassing or about an obscure effect then you might not get answers.
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    Official Axe-Fx Q&A thread!

    Hitting red occasionally is fine. Red does not mean it's clipping, it's just that there's not a whole lot of headroom left. Output clipping is where you don't want to light the LED. For Axe-Fx 3/FMx users, remember you can adjust things in the Input blocks too.
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    To those that have moved on from a Tube amp to a SS/modeling rig.

    Digital multifx unit really. Also does amp/cab sims of course. Line6 HX Stomp/Helix, Fractal FM3/9/Axe-Fx 3 and so on.
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    To those that have moved on from a Tube amp to a SS/modeling rig.

    For home use, just buy a nice digital modeler and pipe that through studio monitors. Or even venture in the world of VST plugins.
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    Official Axe-Fx Q&A thread!

    You can approach this so many ways: - Use another channel with the same model but settings changed to your solo sound with higher output level - Add a volume block - Add an EQ block - Add a drive block before the amp
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    Diezel VHX

    I think it sounds pretty good in that demo video and the little screen is actually bigger than it looks. I still feel like this is a bit of a "solution looking for a problem" device. Like sure, the idea of having all possible Diezel voicings in one box, with IRs is a solid one but does it...
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    NGD: Furusato Nozei 2023!

    I didn't know Boss made a solderless cable system. Looks a lot like Evidence Audio Monorail so I definitely need to look at how much that costs next time I need more patch cables since Evidence Audio is expensive and I hate supporting a company that sells snake oil with their mystery spec...
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    Official Axe-Fx Q&A thread!

    In Axe-Edit you can try one of the menus and look for "Axe-Change". It's where you can download user presets. Axe-Fx 2 had additional microphone character simulation but it has been removed in the 3rd gen models as unnecessary. If you set it to None it basically uses whatever the impulse...
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    Pickups don't matter?

    Yeah I know, you can also possibly reuse one from an existing pickup but BKP has gotten pretty expensive so I haven't bothered changing the pickup, especially when I don't really know what would work better.