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  1. Durero

    Be careful with Steiner Kraus Guitars. Also Mörk Verden who is Steiner Kraus? It's all confusing.

    Regarding the headstock design, no, Kenneth Lawrence was using that design for many years before he began building for James Hetfield.
  2. Durero

    Multiscale trems

    The Stetsbar concept would be ideal for multiscale trems. Since the whole bridge slides instead of pivots there would be no limit to the usable bridge angles. Someone just needs to convince Eric Stets to build them.
  3. Durero

    Solderless Connections

    I highly recommend these: Really nicely made and easy to use.
  4. Durero

    Extreme fan classical - will it fly?

    Thanks for the update, it is very much appreciated! It would be great to have recordings or videos posted in this thread as well, if you have any time.
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    Question about Evertune

    It's not a delicate system so there's no need to worry. You'll have to use the tuning key to loosen the spring for each string. You'll find that all the strings are sharp until you adjust their springs. If you want to be ultra-cautious you could tune your 10's down a half-step before you...
  6. Durero

    Abasi Concepts/Larada Megathread

    I've had a really good chance to see and discuss this guitar with Tosin. It's a hand made prototype and there is no bevel on the lower horn. I'm sure that better information and pictures will appear at the next NAMM and quell some of this crazy speculation. It's certainly not my place to...
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    Fret levelling - creating a fall-away on the upper registers

    Good discussion of this topic here:
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    Quake bass build

    Oh man this is going to be sweet! Oh man am I jealous!
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    Which cnc machine should I get?

    Right on. In that case I'm sure you'll have a ton of fun with it!
  10. Durero

    Which cnc machine should I get?

    I'm not assuming this applies to you, but in case it helps you or anyone else considering a CNC purchase: if you haven't already mastered drawing in 3D CAD, then I'd strongly recommend working that out and having your cut-ready models done before you buy your CNC machine. It is invaluable and...
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    What's the longest scale ERG you've played? Anyone play anything over 30"?

    Luca I was assuming that the multi-channel pickups on your instrument were Cycfi Nu's. Since I'm obviously mistaken, what are you using? Or is there a Roland hexaphonic between the bridge pickup and the bridge which I'm not seeing in the picture?
  12. Durero

    What's the longest scale ERG you've played? Anyone play anything over 30"?

    :rofl:(Darth Vader voice)"The bromance is strong with this one":ryan: It's entirely mutual Hollowway. The amount of drool I've produced over your ERG NGD posts over the years is downright embarrassing. I'm looking forward to the day when I've got as many ERG's as you!
  13. Durero

    What's the longest scale ERG you've played? Anyone play anything over 30"?

    Yes Joel's Cycfi pickup designs are super nice! If you ever want someone to bounce rail designs off of, please don't hesitate to contact me. Moveable single string pickups are the ultimate tone control in my opinion. Joel's printed circuit board pickup connectors look ideal for sliding...
  14. Durero

    What's the longest scale ERG you've played? Anyone play anything over 30"?

    What a cool concept and beautifully executed instrument. I love it! Do you have any sound or video recordings of it which you'd like to share? I suspect we mostly agree about the fundamentals of pickup placement and tone, but perhaps have different colours in mind for the terms "guitar-like"...
  15. Durero

    Line 6 Helix Native. DAW plugins.

    That's fantastic! Line6 needs your clip on their site.
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    What's the longest scale ERG you've played? Anyone play anything over 30"?

    Hey that's me. I haven't been very active here lately - too busy working on my prototype designs and getting my shop going. InfinityCollision you're exactly right: I've been playing a 36"-32" 7-string since 2000. I also have a 32"-28" 10-string which I've modified to allow pickup position...
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    Uneven Structure's new Album. La Partition (atmospheric af Metal)

    This is a fantastic band! Their EP "8" is my favorite so far, but I love all of their stuff.
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    Homemade Guitar Synth (Video)

    That's wonderful!!! Can you tell us any more about it? Are there 4 touch sensitive strips on the neck? What are you plucking with your pick? Are the sounds generated onboard, or are you sending MIDI messages to outboard synths?
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    Extreme fan classical - will it fly?

    Yes thanks so much for such valuable and detailed information. This is immensely valuable and I will be building myself a similar design in the coming years. All the best to you with your wonderful guitar!
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    Headless Bridge hardware that also clamps strings?

    I don't know of any for guitars but I've seen 3 different systems for bass where the ball ends are at the headstock: NS Design I have a Kubicki Factor EX bass which has the smoothest and easiest tuning system I've ever experienced on any instrument (including Steinbergers.)...