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  1. Prydogga

    How do I make my snare sound like this?

    Basically sounds like stock avatar with all that compression, in fact I think that sounds exactly like stock avatar.
  2. Prydogga

    New build - HENT one piece 7string!

    This build looks amazing. The "flaws" people were worrying about are so minor, the jump to "getting a refund" really surprised me. :lol: This looks amazing, and I'm eager to see it finished!
  3. Prydogga

    Ibanez LA custom shop - damn its tiny in there

    I know this comment is super old, but that's a Xiphos. ;)
  4. Prydogga

    The Tesseract Megathread: Sonder Released

    Well it's more like 14 minutes. Only one full song makes it a real tease regardless of actual minutes.
  5. Prydogga

    Monuments Megathread

    I *reaaaaaaaaally* doubt it would be Neema, considering how the split went down.
  6. Prydogga

    90s/00s Ibanez 7 Strings (AUS)

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: MIJ Ibanez from the "good old days", S4720s, 7621s, etc. Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Not necessary, but preferred! Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Adelaide, SA, Aus International OK?: Yep,but preferably on cheaper models willing to ship with...
  7. Prydogga

    Rare Universe poll

    Don't ever question Max on a Universe. :lol:
  8. Prydogga

    Ibanez S7420FM-Blue flame top - wave inlays

    I sent you a pm over on bmusic dude!
  9. Prydogga

    Ben Weinman Signature ESP?

    :shrug: At least it has a purpose and meaning. It's better than having a giant Opeth O on a figured top or those Schecter dot crosses (Yes I saw your post about it.)
  10. Prydogga

    NGD: ET guitars Katana MkII evertune

    This looks so great Josh! I'm sure it'll get some attention on the stage for sure. Probably a better question for Ernie, but does he still do much refinish or neck building work?
  11. Prydogga

    *Sigh* Why...?

    This is like the exact polar opposite of a DeVries. EXCLUDING QUALITY, of course. That's just about on par.
  12. Prydogga

    Prydogga's Commisioned Artworks (Friend for a Foe, Visions, etc.) sorta NSFW?

    3 works for sale. On sale at $100 USD each, facebook and youtube web design included. One of various designs I did for the Myriad Records online store opening. This particular shirt was for Slice the Cake. Inlay from "Save your Sorrow" by Origo (Sweden,) a personal favourite of mine.
  13. Prydogga

    Unpopular opinions

    :lol: Nailed it.
  14. Prydogga

    Unpopular opinions

    I have a feeling when you get older you'll change your mind on a lot of this. :D
  15. Prydogga

    Game of Thrones

    Just watched this: Game of Thrones - Emmy Panel 2013 - YouTube Which about an hour in confirms Book 3 being spread across two seasons, sort of.
  16. Prydogga

    This is ground beef! (rant)

    It's mince meat you fancy yanks. :lol:
  17. Prydogga

    George Martin - A Song Of Ice And Fire

    Anyway, I'm currently into part 2 of book three, and BIG SPOILER DON'T EVEN DARE
  18. Prydogga

    Game of Thrones

    *somewhat book spoiler I guess but not really* I guess for the sake of on the screen it was easier to do that than have to show the whole failed message sending scene. *book spoiler*
  19. Prydogga

    Anyone here into seeing Stand Up Comedians live?

    I've only been able to see Ross Noble 3(?) times. I'm not sure whether anyone in the UK is familiar with him, since he's British, but he's very popular down here in Australia. I'm hoping I can see Bill Burr, Ricky Gervais, Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Louis CK next time they come down here. On...