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  1. Shawn

    Badlands Guitars, another youtuber brand

    :lol: It actually doesn't look too bad....could be worse.
  2. Shawn

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

  3. Shawn

    Do/would you baby a "relic'd" guitar?

    If I had a relic I would treat it as a regular guitar. Only guitar I am babying is a rare dead mint guitar.
  4. Shawn

    NGD: Kiesel Aries 8 multiscale

    Beautiful guitar. Congrats!
  5. Shawn

    NGD - 👽 Ayy Lmao 👽 (Hot Picks HPALIEN)

    Pretty neat. Congrats!
  6. Shawn

    NGD: Prestige Content

    Gorgeous bass.
  7. Shawn

    NGD: Vola OZ 7 RV RF

    Although yellow isn’t my color, that’s a sexy guitar. Congrats! :cool:
  8. Shawn

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

  9. Shawn

    Ibanez 2023 Models ! What would you like to see ?

    I'm the same way. Lo Pro Edge>everything else. :agreed:
  10. Shawn

    NGD Sterling JP157FM

    Nice looking guitar. Congrats. :yesway:
  11. Shawn

    GC Crazy Mayones Deal

    Wow.....great deal. :agreed:
  12. Shawn

    NGD - 15 year overdue... both ways [56k flashback]

    Beautiful guitar. Congrats! Great pictures too.
  13. Shawn

    Ugliest guitar finishes

    That finish doesn't bother me all that much as the body shape.
  14. Shawn

    Rare Korn guitars

    Thank you for posting that list...I remember stumbling on it once...or a similar version. :yesway:
  15. Shawn

    NGD: SILVINO Guitars #6 - "The Strandberg Tribute"

    Very nice. Congrats!
  16. Shawn

    Ugliest guitar finishes

    Eh...I've seen worse...
  17. Shawn

    NGD: longboi edition

    Very nice! That top!
  18. Shawn

    NGD: Ibanez rg2027xl

    Very nice!
  19. Shawn

    What’s your threshold?

    My main guitar for gigging (and recording) is about 2500 and my most expensive guitar I keep at home is my '90 UV7PWH which are going over 4500 these days....
  20. Shawn

    Ugliest guitar finishes

    :ugh: :lol: