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    NGD: Prestige Content

    Love these basses! Congrats
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    NGD - 15 year overdue... both ways [56k flashback]

    Who is even keeping 15 year old guitars stored away case fresh!? I hope someone somewhere is keeping one of my missed out deals nice and safe! Congrats OP, must be a wonderful feeling!
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    New Shockingly Good In Flames Song

    Sounds good to me. I don't know how you can draw the line between the other singles and this one
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    Schecter John Browne signature?

    Have we lost the burst finish on the edges? The one John is playing in the video looks much sleeker imo
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    Aristides Guitars

    How do these feel compared to say, your average soloist horizon shape? I'm into what they are doing but can't shake the feeling that they look like some kind of squashed superstrat with that wide and thin body. Do Aristides feel like big/wide guitars?
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    Ugliest guitar finishes

    Suddenly the over abundance of black guitars doesn't seem so bad to me anymore...
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    Pretty in Pink [ESP Horizon Restomod #1 Complete]

    Shame about the logo but that's an awesome looking guitar!
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    Late NGD: Blackmachine B2 - Koa

    That is just one incredible guitar! Can we get a headstock pic? Everyone knows that's the main reason to own a black machine
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    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Assuming we do get a 7 string version of it (I can't see why we wouldn't but I don't think we've seen one yet?)
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    Anyone into Sleep Token? (Check out if you like Deftones)

    Took me a long time to get into Sleep Token before getting it, including a live show where they were the support that just felt weird and cultist. Which I guess is their whole USP. These two singles are some of their best work though in my opinion.
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    New Schecter Models Megathread

    When are we going to get this announced already! It's painfully obvious at this point and I'm actually surprised at how much we've seen of the Schecter without an announcement from them, Mayones or JB himself.
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    HS pickup config appreciation thread

    I'm surprised there aren't more Caparisons in this thread. They have been doing the HS config with Jackson Falcon long before it was even a Horus. They don't seem too popular around here, someone on the first page admitted to not liking and flipping theirs pretty fast, anyone hesitate to guess...
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    I’m not playing authentic (Orville/Edwards content)

    They look great! Always wanted to try an Edwards in particular
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    NGD: Mayones

    Very nice that!
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    Post Your GAS

    Don't care what anyone says frozen sky is the best finish they have ever done. No idea why they moved away from the more uniform sponge finishes to what they do now, let alone frozen sky in particular.
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    NGD: Buyer Beware Yahoo! Auctions [ESP Content]

    I am also struggling to see the warped neck identifiers. I am assuming that looking at the OPs first pic the 24th fret looks straight but the first fret is angled? How would this feel in the hands when playing?
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    NGD - ESP LTD SC-607B

    Cool bunch
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    Most diverse metal album?

    I'm disappointed Colors didn't immediately jump to mind but yeah, that.
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    Show Me Your Caparison Thread

    Will we ever see a 7 string horus I wonder? Is there something about that model that makes a 7 unviable? Also, Caparison need to bring back the sponge finishes of old. the current finishes are too contrasting and don't 'blend' enough or me.
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    My Kiesel HH2 build - Am I wrong to be a little bit disappointed?

    You've done an absolutely incredible job refinishing that!