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  1. haieb

    Shooting a movie about Skervesen guitars. Post questions you'd like to have answered!

    These are awesome questions! Keep em coming :) No I already have one and it is a paid job. Don't assume and keep the thread positive...
  2. haieb

    Shooting a movie about Skervesen guitars. Post questions you'd like to have answered!

    Hey guys, I will be shooting a documentary about Skervesen and I would like to involve some community questions :) Post your questions that you'd like to have answered or any suggestions or ideas you have. The documentary will contain the history of the company and will show the build process...
  3. haieb

    Sad But True

    Sounds good, mate! The palm mute could have more meet tho. :yesway: Here is my try on that, but i guess the axe is way too easy and not comparable to the effort you had to do :lol:
  4. haieb

    Skervesen Factory Tour(5th Anniversary)

    Thanks! Yeah the trip was a lot of fun and mostly because of the nice poeple in this team. Can't wait to order another Skervy :D Thanks :)
  5. haieb

    Skervesen Factory Tour(5th Anniversary)

    Thank you :) No they don't have a plek if I remember correctly. All I know is that they polish them and work on them for multiple hours to get the level perfect. Great question, but unfortunately I can't give a better answer.
  6. haieb

    Skervesen Factory Tour(5th Anniversary)

    Hi guys, I was at the 5th anniversary of Skervesen and was allowed to film the tour they made. I made a bunch of friends there and I was highly surprised by the hospitality and what a bunch of nice people they are. It is a video, my buddy and I made in a form of a Vlog. The Factory tour starts...
  7. haieb

    Who's the cleanest electric guitar player you've heard

    Rick Graham is one of the cleanest (legato) players imo. Another player worth mentioning is Guthrie Govan. His overall skills are unbeaten and his improvisations are mind blowing (hand. cannot. erase :nuts:) :)
  8. haieb


    Congrats man! I also noticed that the differences of guitars have a larger impact than with a tube amp, but you can tweak some scenes and you are good to go :) I personally took the matrix cause it doesn't color the sound. A friend got an Engle poweramp(E8something) and we A/B both. Both sounded...
  9. haieb

    Guitarists: How'd you start writing out of comfort zone?

    Just start to learn stuff you've never played before ;) New licks and riffs that are different from what you usually play will give you a new inspiration and you loose the routine. This was the thing that helped me and I hope it will help you too :)
  10. haieb

    Should i buy an axe fx ii xl?

    Just go for any of the models of the axe Fx II imo. Doesn't really have to be an xl. Look up for the differences between the xl and the mkII. Nothing that you'd probably really need. What could hurt is the incompatibility of the presets. The MkI/MkII can't read the Xl presets, but the Xl can...
  11. haieb

    Should i buy an axe fx ii xl?

    It depends :D Every power amp has its coloration. So if you like the amp you have at the moment, then the chance is high that it will be between okay and very good :) I didn't like how it sounded through my mesa, because the coloration was too much. But I think you'll get rid of an axe pretty...
  12. haieb

    Should i buy an axe fx ii xl?

    I don't get why ppl still think that a tube amp will give you better sound. It is equal and you won't be able to tell a difference in an a/b test. Look at all the professionals recording and touring with these things, and why are ppl saying that a lot of them sound even better/cleaner now? On...
  13. haieb

    Should i buy an axe fx ii xl?

    The Axe and Kemper are two different units. The Kemper uses profiles, which means that you have to buy some or make your own ones if you are not happy with what you find on the unit or the community. I have not a lot of experience with it and can't tell you how hard it is to find your own...
  14. haieb

    Should i buy an axe fx ii xl?

    I don't think so. Cliff stated that the current gen still has no limitations, so no need to upgrade the hardware aka. new version :)
  15. haieb

    Should i buy an axe fx ii xl?

    Grab the xl if you don't mind buying used stuff. It is a good deal. The only difference of the xl+ is that they had to change the LCD, due to the chip not being produced anymore and name it different, cause it needs a different firmware with the new chip and LCD.
  16. haieb

    What are your brands?

    Take whatever you want unless it is my Skervesen, Fractal Axe Fx, Elixir or Dunlop Jazz III. Can't do without them :noplease::lol:
  17. haieb

    Skervesen Help

    You have to be patient. Super cool guys to talk to but they are really busy and flooded with mails. Maciek will answer all of your questions after processing the other mails :)
  18. haieb

    26,5" conversion neck, what to expect?

    I am not sure if the wood of your neck will have a noticable impact on the sound. There is a huge debate about it and how wood affects the sound, But who knows who is right :D I think it will be so little that you shouldn't worry about it :) What you should know is that mahagony and maple are...
  19. haieb

    Strandberg Boden Os7 Birdseye maple (EU)

    No problem :D Still looking guys :)