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  1. bzhang9

    need advice on headless 8 string

    goc is very average, no longer worth it at 1k price NK, legator, used low end kiesels or strandos even are better value
  2. bzhang9

    Super cheap (and super sus) RG570

    Very suspect almost certainly not original, good deal for the parts
  3. bzhang9

    Ibanez Edge-Zero ZP3 tremolo bridge review/questions

    Pull the stabilizer it works as good as any trem
  4. bzhang9

    I bought fake Seymour Duncans on eBay. Because, why not?

    because they probably sound fine and the price point of name brand pickups is basically a scam
  5. bzhang9

    Mayones Regius Core 7 vs Music Man Majesty 7

    the closest thing to a non sig maj 7 is an ibanez S5527/6527 - weight, ergo, neck, trem or hardtail, without the messy electronics Personally if the electronics is the only issue I would get a JP7 non piezo
  6. bzhang9

    Strandberg Boden 7 USA or Ibanez QX527PB?

    obv the usa boden is worth a lot more and prob better guitar
  7. bzhang9

    Ibanez RG1570, thoughts?

    rg1570 mirage with edge pros are some of the coolest base prestige models, in good shape yes to trade if the rg is beat up and in a lame color I would pass
  8. bzhang9

    Ibanez UV777P with a 7620 neck - worth it for $764?

    if they are actual dimarzios maybe realistically to most people its worth less than an original rg7620 with stock finish thats in good shape which is around 700 or less reasonably
  9. bzhang9

    Thoughts on GOC Guitars?

    The newest iteration of every cheaper headless company has gotten better, goc is decent but the neck is fat, if you like thinner ibanez types try legator
  10. bzhang9

    Blocked Lo-Pro Edge vs Gibraltar Bridge

    numbers dont tell the story set the trem flat and the top and bottom strings usually sit a bit higher than the middle strings 3rd and 4th strings will start to buzz first
  11. bzhang9

    Blocked Lo-Pro Edge vs Gibraltar Bridge

    floyds are almost never matched to the radius of the neck, including ibanez trems
  12. bzhang9

    Blocked Lo-Pro Edge vs Gibraltar Bridge

    edge feels better, stays in tune better if you lock the nut, but can't get quite as low action as adjustable saddle guitars unless you individually shim the saddles which is a pain.
  13. bzhang9

    Are guitars actually selling?

    in time most things sell unless its very overpriced or obscure I see use limited stuff sell over retail, some people get what they want and dont care about the price
  14. bzhang9

    Ibanez RG655M vs Rg550 Genesis

    hey man I sent a link thru fb
  15. bzhang9

    My Kiesel Compared to my Strandberg: an in-depth review

    everyone knows you are paying a high premium for strandberg features, and are probably the most overpriced mass produced guitar
  16. bzhang9

    Ibanez RG655M vs Rg550 Genesis

    no, I noted there is no fret wear
  17. bzhang9

    Ibanez RG655M vs Rg550 Genesis

    I just put up a 655 on reverb, 775+shipping no fret wear
  18. bzhang9

    Shitty Product/Sales Photo'

    glue and some dirt? could have used a better pic but very much inconsequential not uncommon for a low-mid tier guitar
  19. bzhang9

    Spec sheet nerds - why isn't this LTD M-1000 deluxe flying off the racks?

    different results if you asked a non metal forum
  20. bzhang9

    Spec sheet nerds - why isn't this LTD M-1000 deluxe flying off the racks?

    those specs arent that special anymore, its in MIJ ibanez territory with SS frets, worse trem, more "metal" pickups, likely worse neck/fret work, I'd take the better trem and fretwork any day