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  1. owenmakesstuff

    New Frequency Eater record

    That was a Mandala pedal (by Banana Effects) for glitch fx and a Pitch Fork combined with an expression pedal ^^
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    What song has the longest consecutive, uninterrupted blast beats

    If you like this one; check out their first LP from a couple of years ago. It's not easy listening but definitely one of the most genre-pushing mathy grind bands I've ever come across (especially last decade).
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    New Frequency Eater record

    Whoa, I didn't dream anyone would ever say that about my music so first of all, thank you. Yes, drums come most naturally to me out of all instruments, I'm also quite proud of the drums on this new album so I'm glad to hear they stand out for sure. I did one playthrough for a song off the first...
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    New Frequency Eater record

    I haven't been on here in a while but as a former regular it's fun to come back here and post an album when I release one. People who know and dig Frequency Eater will hopefully like this a lot, maybe some new peeps will like it too. (I can say: don't expect super polished djent, but this...
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    New Frequency Eater record

    Hi peeps, Released this hour-long record yesterday, which you can download for free: I played all instruments again, did all mixing, art,... But I am getting some live members rounded up to play this stuff live by the time Summer...
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    Frequency Eater - playthrough (drums)

    Hi peeps, Some members might remember me posting my record Finite States to the forum a year ago when it got released. Since then it picked up some steam - Cloudkicker posted the record to his recommendations/fb page, I got a bunch of purchases so eventually I was able to get vinyl released...
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    new Pig Destroyer is boring as hell So I've been giving the new one a couple of listens, but I honestly don't like it too much. There are cool guitar riffs here and there but I feel the songwriting falls flat after those riffs have...
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    new Pig Destroyer is boring as hell

    Yes they have. Loathsome, Ultraviolet,... Every album has at least one no-blastbeat track and Relapse usually posts or does a music video for that track first when it comes to grindcore releases. I guess I'm not supposed to say this as I love this band and the guys in it, played a gig with...
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    Frequency Eater Music Video + vinyl pre-order

    A couple of months ago I posted my album Finite States here. Now, I made a music video for one of the song. DIY or shmy. Vinyl and other merch can be ordered here:
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    Frequency Eater - Finite States For those who'd be interested, I've uploaded a bunch of merch I was able to press using Bandcamp download sales. I have shirts, a hoodie and CD's, vinyl should be out around February. Also wanted to let you all know that all sales are directly...
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    Frequency Eater - Finite States

    Hah, grindcore, not grunge, but they could both have you scared equally haha! Glad you dig, peeps, thanks a lot for the kind feedback ^^
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    Frequency Eater - Finite States

    Hijack away by all means! I used to listen to a lot of early Baroness, Ocoai, Kylesa, some Black Tusk, Torche,... I checked out Mouth of the Architect back in the day, pretty solid too, they did a tour with Intronaut as well, right? I fucking love Intronaut. Got into them when Valley of Smoke...
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    Frequency Eater - Finite States

    I'm currently recording and editing a music video for End All, Be All for fun; I'm definitely thinking about doing some drums and guitars playthroughs after that :) Also, seeing Cloudkicker's post about it in my news feed on FB was a really awesome moment lol Thanks!
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    Frequency Eater - Finite States

    Stream it in full on Youtube now!
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    Frequency Eater - Finite States

    Thanks again :), hope you enjoy!
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    Dirty sounding prog metal

    Thanks once again, guys ^^
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    Frequency Eater - Finite States

    Hey man, thanks again for the continued support :). I'm definitely a big fan of pretty much everything Devin Townsend, but the track was written years before I got into him hah. It's cool that there are similarities noticeable. The drumming is real! I played it on an old Roland TD kit, decided...