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  1. dametalbeast

    /FT: Schecter Blackjack ATX C8 8 string

    bump, any multi scale Agiles out there?
  2. dametalbeast

    /FT: Schecter Blackjack ATX C8 8 string

    thanks for the offer guys but Ill have to pass. unless you're offering a multi scale Agile 8 string I have to pass. BUMP
  3. dametalbeast

    /FT: Schecter Blackjack ATX C8 8 string

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: mahogany body and neck, ebony board, hipshot bridge, locking tuners, Dimarzio Ionizer bridge and Cepheus neck pup. neck volume removed and master volume and tone added, push-pull pot on the tone. I do not have an extra knob, sorry. some gleam between...
  4. dametalbeast

    NGD Oakland Axe Factory SS8

    fantastic!, get some hd shots of that thing will ya :D
  5. dametalbeast

    LTD H-207 7 string

    bump, accepting trade offers now. the guitar also has a small divet on the lower horn alongside the edge
  6. dametalbeast

    LTD H-207 7 string

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: LTD H-207 in good condition 8/10. figured rock maple neck with some nice flaming, alder body, swamp ash top, rosewood board, stock hardware, Duncan Designed pups voiced after the JB/59 set. the pickup rings are broken but you can find replacements for...
  7. dametalbeast

    Jackson JS32-7q

    sorry, but this has been SOLD for about a week. lock it up
  8. dametalbeast

    Home Build: "eco" Strandberg Boden 7 clone

    amazing, just went through this whole thread, quite inspiring
  9. dametalbeast

    Official XEN Stringed Instruments Thread

    ready hear the finalized details on this import production line, Ive been geeking over the idea since you announced on Facebook of the possibility :agreed:
  10. dametalbeast

    2012 Schecter Blackjack ATX C-8 (White)

    we just discussed this but I sent you a PM
  11. dametalbeast

    Jackson JS32-7q

    damn man, have literally been looking for one to trade for like a month and a half, funny thing is I just traded my RGA8 for one, arrived today actually, I love it. if you would've hit me sooner I would've done it. also, Bogota? in Tennesee? :P Im from Bogota, Colombia, weird
  12. dametalbeast

    Jackson JS32-7q

    deal pending