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  1. Siggevaio

    Another sick solo by SSO member (with tabs): Jared Dines Shred collab 2022

    Getting a strong Per Nilsson vibe. Insane solo and good job making the tab. :D
  2. Siggevaio

    Lifestyle, diminishing returns and changes in personal income conundrum.

    If I made a lot of money I wouldn't buy expensive things. I would work less. Just enjoy life as you please. Don't feel like it's expected to get nice things just because You make a lot of money.
  3. Siggevaio

    New Haken Single - The Alphabet of Me

    Haken are great and it's cool to see Nolly behind the drums
  4. Siggevaio

    Greatest Rock band in the World is back.

    Great musicians and a pretty cool song but I wish that video was never made. :lol:
  5. Siggevaio

    Dave Weiner officially done with Steve Vai's band after 23 years

    Great guy. He was one of the first, if not the first, to do weekly guitar lessons on YouTube and that got me hooked back in the day. Hopefully something good is in store for Dave.
  6. Siggevaio

    Picking out chord progressions on jam tracks

    A power chord (5 chord, root and a fifth) doesn't have any thirds in it so you can play either major or minor without the sounds clashing. Especially if the bass is only playing root notes.
  7. Siggevaio

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Double post
  8. Siggevaio

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    I would rather see guitars that I want but can't afford rather than guitars I just don't want. :p
  9. Siggevaio

    Ibanez 7th Heaven Video

    Petrucci couldn't decide if he wanted a mustache or a goatee. I love it
  10. Siggevaio

    Schecter vs ibanez ak vs Charvel dk24

    I have a Fender Player Strat (HSS) that's great. I'm not sure if Charvel dk24s are made in the same factory but if they are I'm sure they are really good guitars. I also have an HSS Schecter Nick Johnston signature that's really great. Especially for the money it costs.
  11. Siggevaio

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    I guess getting a signature with Schecter wasn't scratching that endorsement itch hard enough o_O
  12. Siggevaio

    Polyphia with Vai

    Guest solos rarely does it for me. Vai is out of his comfort zone and I get why the idea is appealing in theory but the result is often pretty bland. I don't want Scott and Tim to do solos on Vai songs either. I think the only way is to have a real collaboration where both artists write the...
  13. Siggevaio

    New Gear or winter vacation with family?

    I'm not sure if you're serious but are you telling your family about this choice? Family always comes first and if you usually go on a vacation during winter you will probably get a lot of shit for spending the money on gear instead. However, if You got some extra cash on hand and plan on...
  14. Siggevaio

    Am I the only one that hates that this Poplar Burl Burst trend is getting more prevalent?

    Yeah, they never appealed to me. For me it's for guitar players that want to express "look at my guitar" rather than "look/listen to what I play". That's not exclusive to burl guitars though. Most over the top-guitars make me feel that way.
  15. Siggevaio

    Experiences taking guitar lessons? Story time

    My experience with online lessons tells me that they are best suited if you want to be learn new stuff but not so for technical analysis. If you meet someone in person they can look at for example your picking from all the angles. If it's on Skype with a shaky webcam it's not the easiest to show...
  16. Siggevaio

    Has the pickups rabbit hole worked out for you?

    I don't even change strings. :p I'm too lazy to change pickups, but I still buy new ones from time to time. And they just sit there in their box.
  17. Siggevaio

    Anyone actually striving to be more minimalist?

    I still have around 10 guitars but since I bought a Strat (MIM, Player series) two years ago I haven't played any of my other guitars. And while I still get GAS I have no plans on buying any new guitars. A Strat and a Helix is everything I need so I will probably sell my other guitars and only...
  18. Siggevaio

    Vinnie Moore now with Kramer?

    Always been a fan of Vinnie. He sounds like a really down to earth guy. Nice interview and a pretty cool guitar as well.
  19. Siggevaio

    New Megadeth track "We'll Be Back"

    This late into the career of Mustaine he sounds great and the songs sound cool. I never expect new masterpieces from people that were in their prime 30 years ago so I have no complaints.
  20. Siggevaio

    What guitar pick do you use?

    Started with jazz 3, went to the purple dunlop 1.5 (the pick Yngwie used to use I believe) and now I use Flow 1.5 picks. I bought a variety pack of Flow picks and like both the 1.0 and 1.5. It feels great!