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    Casey Sabol

    I like this song better than the other one but I still can't get into this style. Imo he should go back to heavier music but if this is what he feels is best than who am I to criticize his choices. But his voice is still amazing.
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    NGD! Ibanez Prestige Content (Pics of my wood inside!)

    Soooo nice looking :) Congrats, and enjoy it!
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    Picking a new guitar. Help! Please

    I think I will just stick to upgrading this guitar :) I might refinish it idk yet though
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    Hey, sorry to bother you but I saw on a thread that you use LeCab and I was wondering if you...

    Hey, sorry to bother you but I saw on a thread that you use LeCab and I was wondering if you could help me with it? I am using it in guitar pro and I cant figure out how to make it actually find cabs. Where are the different amp models? Thank you for the help
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    Help with Guitar Rig 4, Reaper, and Digitech RP500

    I am trying to use all three of those at once and need help with the ASIO settings... Should I put Guitar rig and Reaper both on RP500 or do I put them both on Guitar Rig. I am soooo confused lol please help me.
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    Picking a new guitar. Help! Please

    To what? I have DiMarzio Crunchlab and Liquifier in it now...
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    Picking a new guitar. Help! Please

    Thanks for the advice guys :) I guess that's what I will do. What should I do to make it better?
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    Guitar Rig 4 help

    I looked at a bunch of tutorials and I guess I have to do it through the DAW. I was a little preemptive posting this there any way I can delete it?
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    Guitar Rig 4 help

    I just got Guitar Rig 4 and I have some experience with DAWs and that sort of thing but I cannot for the life of me get an amp plugin to show up on guitar rig....I downloaded it, put it in the VST plugins folder and have closed and reopened guitar rig multiple times. It will not show up...
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    Picking a new guitar. Help! Please

    Thank you for the advice :) there isn't any thing specifically wrong with the Rg7321 I was just thinking of upgrading to one that is a little nicer :) I shall just save my money then
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    First new song in AGES 'Hypatia' (Happy prog metal content!)

    This is ridiculous... seriously this song is amazing just like the rest of your songs :) it is unbelievable that you could write this and record it in only 6 hours. Wow.. I want to be like you when I grow up ;)
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    Crucial! Feedback and your opinion needed!

    It sounds really good except the tone definitely needs more bass. Is there a bass in the track or is it just guitar? The song structure seems really good. I really like the newest clip posted. It sounds like there is a little timing error in the very beginning though. Other than that I like it a...
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    Picking a new guitar. Help! Please

    I am looking to upgrade from my Rg7321 (with crunch lab and liquifier pickups) to something a little better. I love Ibanez, I would buy a different brand but Ibanez is always my first choice. My budget is around $600 and I am definetly looking for hardtail. No trems. I also have the chance to...
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    Chris Woods Custom RGA7 body+parts

    Where would I be able to get a neck for this and how much do you think it would cost for the neck?
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    Noob 7 string guy here... can you suggest me some tunes?

    Recreant by Chelsea Grin would fit your description :)
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    Help me find a song to learn

    Haha true :p I love "The River Dragon Has Come". Loomis is amazing
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    Help me find a song to learn

    Thanks for the responses guys :) that's what I was looking for haha. Sorry it took so long for me to reply I had some computer troubles.
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    Help me find a song to learn

    Thank you for the input :) its not really what I was looking for though. I am looking more for (i hate to use the word) djent. More ambient, technical, progressive metal. Thank you anyway :)
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    Nexus new song, new mix, impulses, dual vocals, synths, groove!

    Wow, this is REALLY good :) I'm not huge on the vocals, the cleans are good, but I don't really like the screams. That's just my personal opinion lol :) Oh and congrats on Euroblast :D
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    Help me find a song to learn

    Hi, i'm trying to find a song to learn that will challenge me but not too badly. Currently the hardest song I can play is You are not alone by Entrosolet. I am looking for something in that same progressive kinda style... and I need the tabs please.. Thank you :) Edit: Tuning doesn't really matter.