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    Ergonomics of widely fanned frets

    My Ormsby Hypemachine has a 2" fan and it's borderline for me... I couldn't imagine how uncomfortable 4" would be...
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    Help a guy out - what would you get for a bangin' 6'er?

    I personally never have wanted to own someone else's signature guitar... but out of these two, the Holcomb looks nicer...
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    Getting 'angrier' metal tone for live band

    It was never on 10, I always cut quite a bit of bottom end out so that the bass player gets plenty of space. I know how to sit in a mix ;) I just needed to tweak the mids, and what Exmachina said got me exactly what i wanted :) just a slight bit of extra edge on a tone I really liked already!
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    Getting 'angrier' metal tone for live band

    I am, but I've never tried plexis for metal..
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    Getting 'angrier' metal tone for live band

    I always boost my preamp with the 'grinder boost' in the axe FX
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    Getting 'angrier' metal tone for live band

    Hey guys, long post sorry! I've been on something of a tone quest lately... since recently I play in a metal band as the only guitar player, so my sound has to be pretty in your face. I use an Axe Fx 3 with matrix PA setup. I'm partial to the EVH5153 amps, blue channel, 50 and 100 watts. I've...
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    Robert Vigna (Immolation)

    I actually find his work on 'Here in After' the best he's ever done. There's such an odd sense of melody and timing in the riffs on that album. And the solo from 'Nailed to Gold' is literally one of my favourite solos ever! Just the way it kind of hovers around the rhythm of the song, it's...
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    NGD: Red Layer RGL Juggernaut 7

    He makes some seriously rad guitars! I love the one where he made it look like the top is falling into a void
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    Tom DeLonge Rejoins Blink 182 tour and new music announced

    This is such awesome news! I just hope he'll try to sing like in the old days!
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    Robert Vigna (Immolation)

    In my opinion one of the most unorthodox players in the genre, unique in his style. Really great lead phrasing as well! What do you guys think? He seems very underrated, very little talk about him... I did prefer his style on the older albums though, strange way of creating riffs.
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    King of downpickin?

    Holy sh*t that guy is insane!
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    How often do you use the full bridge humbucker?

    Virtually all the time except for cleans and certain leads
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    Writer’s block sucks, but when it ends it’s AWESOME!

    I've experienced that as well... just quit the guitar for a while, crazy as it may seem... fuck around with other instruments, no matter if you can really play them. If the creative bug lives inside you it's bound to come out somehow ;)
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    Is anyone else just...blah...burnt out with guitar?

    Virtually every day, every time I play or practice it seems I suck and I'll never get better.. but something keeps me going, this need to improve, almost obsessive.. and honestly looking back I've improved sooo much, but it never seems that way in the day to day playing experience..
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    Writer’s block sucks, but when it ends it’s AWESOME!

    Good for you man, no better feeling than feeling inspiree and seeing things coming together! When I get stuck I sometimes leave the song or riff for months, but then all of a sudden it can hit me!
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    Dealing with the ravages of age as a vocalist

    Quit the smokes man, not just for your voice... throat cancer doesn't help much with singing either :)
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    RGDIX7MPB: Sanding off See-Through Finish to Natural Wood?

    I don't know if it's going to look good natural...
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    Lundgren Black Heaven experiences

    Well I actually had an m6 in a guitar, really liked it but it was a bit too 'surgical' if that's a way of putting it :) a bit anorganic
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    Lundgren Black Heaven experiences

    Anyone have these? There's so little info/threads about these... I'd really like to try them bit I can't decide between the Alnico or ceramic version..
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    Bass in Unison or Octave Lower?

    Unison seems pointless to me in most cases... but I guess sometimes there's no other way if the guitars play in drop F or whatever. Honestly, I don't like guitars going lower than A.. anything lower has never worked for me recording wise. I really really love it when the low end is handled by a...